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Thread: Can anyone recommend a good laptop for under £450?

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    question Can anyone recommend a good laptop for under £450?

    I'm looking for a decent laptop that will perform well and last for around £450. I bought my last one from novatech and it lasted me 4 and a half years! It only had 1GB RAM and a 40GB hard drive but the only real problems I had with it was the rubbish sound card and quality and that the graphics card was not good enough to run the Sims 2 very well. I don't play many games, mainly CSI and Sims 3 so I want a laptop with a graphics card that will support these games. I don't want anything too much but prefer a reliable processor such as the Intel Core 2 Duo range... I have been comparing the ratings of these and discovered that the T6400 seems to be my best bet, or T4300. I mainly use my laptop for listening to music, photo editing, watching films, playing a few games, lots of internet related activity and running my promotions company (basic spreadsheets, email and image editing software). Can anyone recommend a laptop to suit my needs?


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    Re: Can anyone recommend a good laptop for under £450?

    I would suggest you to buy Acer gaming edition laptop which comes with a built in Nvidia Graphic card which will easily run the games you play. It has built in 4 gb ram which i think is enough to run any high end graphic applications. It also comes with a 2 year warranty cover.

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    Re: Can anyone recommend a good laptop for under £450?

    You can go for Acer aspire D250 series laptop. Can upgrade the memory to 2 Gb ram and has good graphics feature. It has 160 Gb internal storage memory powered by Atom processor. It would cost you around 350$ only.

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    Re: Can anyone recommend a good laptop for under £450?

    I think that you can get a number of laptop in that range just go and check inthe walmart. Since the Walmart carries at least one or two $398 to $449 laptops. You can also find the Acer and the Everex brand in that range. On one occassion in walmart i have seen a laptop as low as 349$. If you wont get the laptop there in the specified range then go for mini Asus laptop or the Newegg. But I think you will definitely get one in your range.

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