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Thread: How do you add photos to your ipod

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    How do you add photos to your ipod


    I have a ipod touch 8gb. I want to add photos to my ipod, How can I do that ?? itunes doesnt give me an option to put picture's on my ipod. Which other softwares do I need to perform this action ?

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    Re: How do you add photos to your ipod

    You need to connect your iPod, click where you synchronize the iPod (which should have a picture of you saying ipod and click on the photos and choose the folder you want your images to come of aliases. It will open my photos, then put all the photos you want in that folder, sync your iPod, and should be there!

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    Re: How do you add photos to your ipod

    In iTunes, click the iPod icon. Select options for iPod "from the dropdown menu. From the Options menu, select" iPod "and" Photos. "Sync photos Check 'in' and choose the folder of images are stored on your computer. You can update your contacts to your iPod from Outlook or Outlook Express. To update your contacts, select "Preferences" from the File menu. Click the 'iPod' tab and then click the tab 'Contacts'. Check Sync contacts 'in' and select Outlook or Outlook Express and click Apply.

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    Re: How do you add photos to your ipod

    To add photos to your ipod, follow the procedure step by step :

    1. Start iTunes
    2. Connect the iPod
    3. Select the iPod in the Source list that is left
    4. On the screen that appears, select the "Photos"
    5. Highlight the "Sync photos from"
    6. Then click on the combo that appears on your right and choose "select folder".
    7. Select the folder where you want to copy photos to iPod.
    8. Synchronize your iPod

    By default, the iPod stores only a reduced version of the photos. if you want a copy of the original photos you need to check the "Include full-resolution photos"

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