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Thread: Nokia n97 mini vs n97 speaker quality?

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    Nokia n97 mini vs n97 speaker quality?

    I am going to buy a new phone and i am confuse between this two mobile phone 1] Nokia n97 and 2] Nokia n97 mini. Can any any tell me the exact difference between this two mobile phone. Which one is best? What are the positive points, features of this phone? I also wanted to know the speaker quality of Nokia n97 and Nokia 97 mini.

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    Re: Nokia n97 mini vs n97 speaker quality?

    First things first is the different size. The Mini is slightly smaller than the N97 in all directions. It’s edges are also slightly rounded so that it will fit better in your pocket. N97 Mini contains built in memory of 8 GB which was 32 GB previously in N97. Camera is same as N97 although they have removed the lens cover. Compared to other phones however, it is still quite big. When holding it in the hand you can really tell that the Mini is 22g lighter than the N97. The comparison picture will help you get a better feeling of the size.

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    Re: Nokia n97 mini vs n97 speaker quality?

    It seems that Nokia N97 does not have almost entirely the bass line in its speaker. N97-Mini speakers look to be the same as the poorly-performing 'earpiece-type' speakers in the N97. However the headphones outputs are still brilliant. It is guessed that Nokia has tuned the N97 speaker for voice-call rather than music.

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    Re: Nokia n97 mini vs n97 speaker quality?

    Nokia N97 is the best. N97 mini is also good but not better than the Nokia N97. Nokia N97 performs brilliantly. The features and design is awesome.The sleek Nokia N97 mini integrates the web into your life and seamlessly connects you to your friends and favourite online services. The N97 mini still packs 8GB of storage, a 3.2-inch touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard into its 14.2mm thin frame.

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