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Thread: Palm v iPAQ HELP need

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    Palm v iPAQ HELP need

    Hello Good Morning,

    Recently,I put my Palm III to rest as the screen was blurring in certain lights. I purchased an iPAQ, which I was pleased with, but I not much liked the operating system and having to use Outlook. That aside, it stay on a recharge unit all day/week and if I take it home for the weekend, not use it and have no alarms coming up, it is in havoc as the proverbial dodo by Sunday - any thoughts? I know I really want to dump it and buy a newer Palm, but it need a decent buck so it has to last me a bit longer. It's such a crass as I now never disconnect from cradle

    thanks for any reply

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    Re: Palm v iPAQ HELP need

    Are you sure that this is not software issues (soft rest, backup then hard reset)?If it's a hardware problem, I'm not confident if there is much you handle, remove screen protector if you use one. run a business card along the edge of the screen to clean it, take out the battery and clean as much as you can all the connector and buttons also you should clean the ambient light sensor.

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    Re: Palm v iPAQ HELP need

    I am with XDA IIi myself, Its much like an iPAQ..I presonally would stick to iPAQ obviously because of the OS. And the Synchronizing between Outlook and your PPC..Now coming to your issue i would suggest you to try a hard reset to see if it will clear the problem. The hard reset will makes any data so you will required to do a backup of your contacts, calendar, and any other stuff you wish to keep. If the hard reset clears the issue then you have to reinstall your applications one at a time and checking the unit between each install.

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    Re: Palm v iPAQ HELP need

    It may very well be dead. In fact it is. You better try to put your phone into bootloader mode. If you can get it into the bootloader can just plug it in to your comp and update.I am using a non-legal version of PPC2002, since the legal version isn't available in the market. The official version updates the ROM to 2.14, while mine (the illegal one) updated it to version 2.07. I don't think it would be wise to ask for answer for that, eh?.I do heard about the battery issues with this

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