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Thread: Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse, G330 Gaming Headset

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    Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse, G330 Gaming Headset

    Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

    There’s sweat on your brow. And it’s way too late to turn back. Everything is at stake.

    When you need to choose wisely, the Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 gives you a competitive edge—with a gaming-grade laser, onboard memory, and weight tuning.

    Zero in.

    • Gaming-grade laser: Gives you game-changing precision at any hand speed.* Maximum speed— 165 inches per second. Maximum acceleration—30 Gs.
    • On-the-fly adjustable dpi: Enjoy pixel-precise targeting (200 dpi) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 5700 dpi).
    • Dual-mode scroll wheel with hyper-fast scrolling: Provides precise click-to-click scrolling that’s perfect for weapon selection when you’re gaming. Or, switch to frictionless hyper-fast scrolling to fly through long Web pages when the boss is looking.
    • Polytetrafluoroethylene feet: Super-slick feet glide effortlessly across almost any surface.

    Make it yours.
    • Weight tuning: Prefer a heavier or lighter mouse? Enjoy up to 27 grams of extra weights that you can mix-and-match for personalized feel and control.
    • Onboard memory: Lets you save and take your settings with you when you’re on the go. A ready-to-play profile (for keyboard macros and dpi settings) stores critical info for your favorite title.**
    • Ten programmable buttons: Put valuable macros in your hand.


    System Requirements

    • Windows® XP, Windows Vista®
    • USB port
    • Internet connection for software download

    Technical Specifications

    Gaming-grade specifications:

    • Resolution: 200 - 5700 dpi
    • Image processing: 12 megapixels/second
    • Max. acceleration: 30G*
    • Max. speed: up to 165 inches(4.19 m)/second*

    • USB data format: 16 bits/axis
    • USB report rate: Up to 1000 reports/second
    • Sleep mode: Disabled
    • Glide

    • Dynamic coefficient of friction - Mu (k): .09**
    • Static coefficient of friction - Mu (s): .14**
    • Tuning weight: Up to 27 grams

    • Buttons (Left / Right) 8 million clicks
    • Feet 250 kilometers

    Package Contents
    • Logitech® Gaming Mouse G500
    • Adjustable weight-cartridge
    • Tuning weights and case
    • User documentation
    • 3-year limited hardware warranty

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    Logitech G330 Gaming Headset

    Logitech G330 Gaming Headset

    With its adjustable, behind-the-head design, pressure-relieving silicone lining, and pivoting ear pads, the Logitech® Gaming Headset G330 delivers comfort that won’t quit.

    Beat fatigue.

    • Adjustable, behind-the-head design: Provides a lightweight, personalized fit—the first of its kind in gaming headsets.
    • Headband with soft silicone lining and pivoting ear pads: Relieve pressure from extended wear.
    • Durable headband construction: Spring-steel core is strong yet flexible.

    Take control.

    • In-line audio controls: Let you mute or adjust the volume without pausing the action.
    • Flexible, rotating boom: Lets you position the microphone right where you want it and move it out of the way when you’re not using it.
    • Cable management wrap: Organizes excess cable length.

    Hear this.
    • Noise-canceling microphone: Reduces annoying background noise and helps keep your voice clear.
    • Low profile speaker drivers: Contain neodymium magnets for more accurate sound.
    • Optimized EQ: Delivers enhanced audio when connected via USB for higher highs and lower lows.

    Plug in.
    • USB adapter: Makes connecting easy, even when speakers are already plugged into your sound card.
    • 3.5 mm analog plugs: Connect to virtually any PC sound card.


    System Requirements

    Windows-based PC

    • Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows® 7
    • USB port or 3.5 mm jack (2)

    Mac® computer

    • Mac OS® X
    • USB port

    Technical Specifications

    Driver: 30 mm diameter; neodymium magnet
    Frequency response: 40 Hz–18 kHz (-10 dB)
    Impedance: 32 ohm nominal
    Sensitivity: 94 dB SPL Ref: 1 mW (-18.2 dBV = 1m W), 1 kHz

    Pickup pattern: Unidirectional (cardioid)
    Frequency response: 100 Hz–10 kHz
    Sensitivity: -44 dBV/Pa re: 0 dB = 1 Pa, 1 kHz
    Test conditions: 3.0 V, 2.2 K ohm

    3.5 mm (2) plug or full-speed USB 2.0-compliant adapter
    8-foot cable

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