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Thread: Download Yatca : Free Twitter Client Application For BlackBerry

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    Download Yatca : Free Twitter Client Application For BlackBerry

    Yatca is freeware and can be downloaded free of charge and can be used. In addition, the software is characterized by a simple operation and a simple programming interface. What Yatca from other Twitter applications stand out is the property of the Twitter messages (Tweet) about the BlackBerry Inbox, the Message List sg manage. Tweet are thus comparable with e-mails, SMS and IM messages in the common message list. This binds the Yatca Tweet seamlessly into the normal message traffic on the BlackBerry one.

    So you can from the knowledge in the operation of the Inbox benefit and must not be in a new program-learn interface. Moreover, it will be easier with this approach, on the various types of messages to maintain an overview. For intensive Twitter user offers software, which the news in the global inbox appear to filter so they do not by the multitude of less important messages zugespamt Twitter is.

    Since the message list but only with operating systems from version 4.6 of external applications usable, Yatca runs only on newer BlackBerry devices.

    You candownload Yatca direct your BlackBerry browser to for an OTA download.

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    Re: Download Yatca : Free Twitter Client Application For BlackBerry

    Yatca is different from other such customers by receiving "update feature" on Twitter in the same folder with SMS. Even if updates are received as text messages, the ringtone alert can be Customized in profile settings.

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    Re: Download Yatca : Free Twitter Client Application For BlackBerry

    YATCA quickly and easily calculates the cost of a road trip, given the distance, average mileage per gallon, and cost per gallon.

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