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Thread: Get a good Mini Dv Tapes

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    Get a good Mini Dv Tapes

    I had never found any detailed information on Mini DV Tapes. I have a Panasonic camcorder. I have 60 Min recording tape. Now I want to have one more to extend my recording time. Which is the best company which gives a good Mini Dv Tapes. Does the quality also differs and they affects the video recording. This I want to know because I am getting some trouble while using my camcorder. Like sometimes it gives a Eject Tape message continuously on the screen. Also what is a dropout. What are the precaution to be kept in storing the tapes. Thanks.

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    Re: Get a good Mini Dv Tapes

    The best way to use the tapes is to get the tapes from a branded company. Do not purchase any tape from a nearby shop. Like you have a Panasonic Camcorder then use a Panasonic tape. The tape made by Panasonic are very efficient and reliable. The tape gives you maximum performance and great durability. They offer a 63 Minute recording on SP and 94 Minute on LP.The tapes are also available in 33 Minute and 83 Minute length.

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    Re: Get a good Mini Dv Tapes

    Normally the manufacturer gives you two types of tape. The first type is Normal and the other one is Professional. The other one is more secure with long life archiving. The cheap tapes does not give you a long life working ability. The rotten out in 2 years. According to me there some tapes which comes at low cost but gives more drop outs. If you get a metal particle produce tape then gives less drop outs. The other very important point to take care while getting a tape is that different manufacturer provides different types of tapes which had lubricants. This lubricants spoils the camera quicker.

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    Re: Get a good Mini Dv Tapes

    Normally the camera are not so efficient as compare to a desktop recorder. So sometime they get stuck. The eject tape is not a serious problem. It occurs very rarely. The best way to avoid this is, when you insert your tape and just rewind them completely to the starting before using them. Other reason of Eject Taps is that the tape is not placed properly. Now Dropout means that your camera is not able to record for a small time. Then most common reason is that the tape loses the contact with the head of the camera head. This is same due to improper fixing of the tape or shock. Always preserve a tape in a book format. Avoid vibration and shock. Avoid magnetic fields near the tape. Also do not expose the tape to direct light.

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