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Thread: Gmail with push notification for iPhone

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    Gmail with push notification for iPhone

    The program will facilitate GPush and the very life of the iPhone users. The function applied to Gmail Push Notification alert you when new mail arrives. The application was developed by Tiverias Apps and awaiting approval from Apple. The application is quite simple, just insert the data from our Gmail account and go. No need to open the application any more time.

    Since the release of firmware 3.0 for iPhone 3G, 3G and iPod Touch S, it is clear that few applications can now use push notifications, the alternative chosen by Apple to avoid letting applications in the background. Starting with "GPush, a program ready to warn in real time push from the receipt of new e-mails from GMail.

    Simply and enter your username and password, the program looks to use the GMail IMAP IDLE for "push" real-time the sender and the subject of mails received on a terminal in Mac OS X Mobile with firmware 3.0. Remains unknown; allow Apple Does publication on its App Store such applications that run in overlay applications already developed?

    Application USA IMAP normal but running on Google's servers creator of the application. There is a slight delay (10-30 seconds) between receiving the email in your Gmail account and receive a notification on your iPhone, but this is negligible.

    It is possible that Apple does not allow this application in the Appstore, despite its creator said that the code of the program does not violate any terms of service of Apple or Google. We have to wait and see ...

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    Re: Gmail with push notification for iPhone

    The GPush works using the IMAP IDLE protocol, similar to the push, redirecting the data to the server of the developer who then authenticates the Gmail servers to Google and search for new messages, then there may be a small delay between the receipt of new messages and notification. The developer also said that the price of the application will be U.S. $ 0.99.

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    Re: Gmail with push notification for iPhone

    The term "push email" is used to describe an email system that provides the capability "always-on" (always on), and in which new emails are actively and immediately transferred (pushed - pushed) from the server e-mail to the customer. Smartphones are the majority users of this technology.

    While the system of the traditional email client (user) must connect the server to download new mail, in the "push email" the new emails are automatically transferred to the client. In other words, once there is mail it appears on the customer's equipment, without any intervention.

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