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Thread: Do iPhone application work for iPod touch too

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    Do iPhone application work for iPod touch too

    I am using iPhone from a long time. I like it because i had made it more powerful and useful installing lots of third party apps. Now i am planning to buy a Ipod touch in next few days. But i don't want to loose those apps. So i wanted to know does this apps that are installed in my iPhone also works on ipod touch or not ? Please help me soon.

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    Re: Do iPhone application work for iPod touch too

    Yeah, Almost every game or app for the iPhone will work on the iPod touch but there are some apps that are only good for the iphone and some only good for the ipod touch.Like the iPhone, it runs a scaled down version of Mac OS X, can browse the Web via a version of Safari, can stream videos from YouTube, and includes Contacts, Calendar, Calculator and Clock applications. It can also use the new iTunes WiFi Music Store. Getting the actual application files could be tricky for users who don’t own an iPhone. You can enjoy your iPhone applications on ipod touch too. I have some of the good applications that will be useful for your iPhone and Ipod Touch, just go through this: Free Apps For iPhone, iPod Touch

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    Re: Do iPhone application work for iPod touch too

    Although both iPhone and Ipod belongs to Apple, some apps do not work on the other device. Like some application may require you to have wireless access like the popular restaurant guide app Urban Spoon. Any GPS related applications will probably need Wifi in order to work.The majority of the apps work for both. Installing iPhone apps on iPod Touch is really simple.It assumes that you have a jailbroken iPod Touch. Jailbroken iPod Touch have the ability to install 3rd party applications.

    To know the whole process of installing iPhone apps on Ipod touch, just go through this link: How to install applications on your iPod / iPhone. . You can find here the complete guide of doing the same.

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    Re: Do iPhone application work for iPod touch too

    For more iPhone and Ipod touch application and installing process, just go through this threads. I hope it will be helpful for you:-

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