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Thread: Problem receiving mms messages on iphone 3g

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    Problem receiving mms messages on iphone 3g


    I am using apple iphone 3g and facing problem with multimedia messages. i can send and receive free SMS on iPhone using textfree unlimited app, but there is problem using MMS, i am MMS on my iPhone 3G and i only received text message in mms and a link to to view my media message online. i cant save this attachment. please help me to send MMS from iPhone to cell phones, e-mail the mms from iPhone to other cell phones.

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    Re: Problem receiving mms messages on iphone 3g

    If you can't send or receive MMS content, try these troubleshooting steps:

    1. Verify that you have met all of the system requirements for MMS.

    2. Try sending only a text message with no video, photos, or voice memos, or have the sender do the same to your full number, including area code.
    • If you cannot send or receive just a text message, verify that the sender is using the correct phone number. This should be the receipient's full phone number, including area code.
    • If you can send or receive just a text message, contact your carrier to confirm your wireless account is provisioned for MMS.

    3. Check with your carrier; there may be an outage or known issue with sending or receiving MMS content.

    4. Some carriers allow you to edit your APN (Access Point Name), which may cause MMS not to work. See this article for additional information.

    5. If you are roaming outside your calling area, make sure you have Data Roaming turned on in Settings > General > Network to send or receive MMS content.

    6. Instead of MMS, try using Mail as a work-around:

    • If you have a Wi-Fi connection, consider using Mail on iPhone instead. Many carriers offer text and MMS gateway email addresses. Ask your carrier if this feature is available.
    • Some carriers may have strict limits on the size of MMS messages. Try sending a single photo or a short (five second) voice memo. Or send the content using Mail.

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    Re: Problem receiving mms messages on iphone 3g

    You can Send and Receive MMS on iPhone with SwirlyMMS Native App.

    SwirlyMMS is a native MMS application for the iPhone and is the de-facto standard for sending and receiving MMS on the iPhone to and from any cell phone, just like when using any other brands and types of cellphone. Features of SwirlyMMS include:

    • Sending and reception of MMSs consisting of pictures, video, audio and text.
    • Buit-in media viewer.
    • Animated GIFs.
    • User controlled resizing of pictures sent
    • UserAgent emulation (in addition to the native iPhone also: Motorola V360, Nokia N73, Nokia N95, SonyEricsson W800i, and Samsung Black Jack 2).
    • Built in FAQ.
    • Built in Camera.
    • Separate folders for received (Inbox), sent (Sent) and erased (Trash) MMSs.
    • MMS settings wizard, which allows for automatic configuration of your MMS settings, much easier and faster than the old, classic OTA method (receive settings via an SMS).
    • Possibility to receive automatic OTA (Over The Air) settings.
    • Up to 10 different media parts when composing a new MMS.
    • Up to 50 different media parts in a received MMS.
    • Address book
    • integration.
    • Possibility to browse the iPhone file system and include any file when composing a new MMS.
    • Possibility to save individual media parts anywhere on the iPhone file system
    • Reply to sender, or forward the message.
    • Send to multiple recipients.
    • Save an MMS media part image to your camera roll (/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE) and view it with the Photo or Camera application.
    • When composing an MMS with several media parts, you can easily rearrange and remove any part.


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    Re: Problem receiving mms messages on iphone 3g

    Step to step procedures to send MMS from iPhone:
    • Find out the e-mail address of the cell phone number you want to send MMS to from the cell phone carrier and corresponding addresses below
    • Open your e-mail in Phone and write the e-mail to the e-mail address of the cell phone number
    • Attach the multimedia (song, picture or video) as an attachment in your e-mail.
    • Send the MMS from your iPhone e-mail account.
    • If your friend could not receive the MMS. There are three possible reasons: the MMS size is too big, the cell phone carrier does not support MMS, your friend cell phone does not support MMS.
    • To receive MMS from other cell phones, just have them to send the MMS to your e-mail address so that you can retrieve them on your iPhone. If your friend’s cell phone can not send message to e-mail accounts. You can send an e-mail to the cell phone using above procedures. Then have your friend to reply to your e-mail with MMS.

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