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Thread: How to export iTunes library to PC

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    How to export iTunes library to PC


    I have my huge iTunes collection on my iPod and have created my personal iTunes library in it. I want to save my iTunes library on my computer system as one backup. So I want to ask how to export my iTunes library to PC ?

    Does anyone knows about this ? Any ideas....

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    Re: How to export iTunes library to PC

    Follow this --

    • Go to iTunes library or playlist
    • Highlight it in the "Source" box.
    • Go to File -- Export Song List, in the "Save As" window.
    • You will see the name of your playlist, and you want to save as type: .txt.
    • Now you have a text file of your playlist.
      Note : It contains all the columns available in iTunes by default, and you probably only want a few of them.

    Follow the next steps in Excel --
    • Launch Excel.
    • Go to File -- Open. Change the drop down menu for "Files of Type" to "All Files".
    • Browse to the playlist you just saved and "Open."
    • The "Text Import Wizard" window will open, click "Next" and then click "Finish". This will open the iTunes columns in the spreadsheet.
    • Clicking on the letter of a column will highlight the entire column.

      To delete all the columns that you don't need, can be done as:
      Highlight the first column you don't want. Then while holding the CTRL key down, click rest of the columns you don't want. Then right click with the mouse on the highlight columns and choose DELETE.

      You can also move remaining columns by inserting extra columns by copying - pasting columns in the appropriate slots.
      You can also make an entire column (like the album names) show up in bold if that's what you want.

    • Go to File -- Save As. Under drop down menu for "Save as Type", choose Web Page. This saves it as html.

      Now you have a published playlist, from which you can copy - paste, or you can create a screenshot of it to share.

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    Re: How to export iTunes library to PC

    You can refer to this thread to gain information of transferring itunes :

    Importing iTunes Library to WMC 11

    Best of luck ....

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