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Thread: Lens shade or Lens hood for my camera

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    Lens shade or Lens hood for my camera

    I am having a Canon digital camera which is giving me some problem while taking some snaps. Many a time the photos are not good enough which is I think because of light issue. I consulted regarding this with my uncle and also with my friends. My uncle suggested me to use Lens shade but my friends suggested to use Lens hood. Now I am really confused about which to use. Which is better for my camera Lens shade or Lens hood? Can you help me please?

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    Re: Lens shade or Lens hood for my camera

    Well I am not an expert when it comes to digital cameras but I would like to share some information with you what I found on Internet. According to wikipedia, "In photography, a lens hood or lens shade is a device used on the end of a lens to block the sun or other light source in order to prevent glare and lens flare."

    So that means Lens shade is nothing but Lens hood. I am not sure about this but this is just an assumption based on what wikipedia says. So, in short, you can go to any shop which provides Lens shade (or Lens hood).

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    Re: Lens shade or Lens hood for my camera

    The correct name is "Lens Hood". It is usually round or rectangular and protrudes from the lens to block unwanted light entering the lens. It is often called as "Lens shade" because the word shade simply means anything that shades or protects light from entering the lens. In addition to the prevention from light, the "Lens hood" also offers protection to the lens from being damaged since because of hoods extendability.

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    Re: Lens shade or Lens hood for my camera

    A lens hood (often called lens shade) serves three purposes. The first is to prevent the lens from external light to reduce contrasts. Secondly, they have a slot to soften an image or change the light to a warmer shade. The third purpose is to hold a vignette on the front in order to darken or lighten the edges of an image or to hide part of the film.

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