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Thread: Apogee One - Portable Studio

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    Apogee One - Portable Studio

    Apogee One is a pocket-sized music interface featuring the award winning sound quality that made Apogee Electronics famous. Designed to work easily with Apple's GarageBand, Logic, Final Cut, or any Core Audio compliant application, ONE lets you create professional recordings anywhere.

    It allows you to record a single channel of audio using the specially tuned enclosure microphone, an instrument input for guitar, bass, or keyboard, or a world-class microphone preamp input. Listening with ONE is an entirely new experience as well. Hear your recordings and your iTunes library with incredible dimension and clarity through ONE's studio-quality stereo output. Simplicity and ease of use marks Apogee ONE's main advantages over other audio interfaces.

    Professional recordings can now be done anywhere as Apogee ONE will work seamlessly with Apple's GarageBand, Logic, Final Cut, or any Core Audio compliant application. If you've been in a commercial recording studio, you've probably seen Apogee gear. If you haven't, you've heard it. Apogee products are preferred by recording pros around the world and have set the industry standard in professional recording for over two decades. ONE makes the legendary quality of Apogee available in a portable form factor and at the lowest price ever for a premium computer recording interface.

    Apogee’s ONE features a built-in mic, preamp, and dedicated input/output. It offers 24-bit audio at sample rates of 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. With a footprint slightly larger than an iPhone, ONE's compact size is travel friendly, allowing you to record and perform professionally any place your music takes you.Apogee’s converters are some of the most respected in the business. If this is up to their usual quality, that could make this a really special box – as a basic audio interface or an addition to your gig bagFor $250, one can have the recording studio in one’s hands.

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    Re: Apogee One - Portable Studio

    Perhaps then, the gadget that the user to his or her own microphone and equipment such as guitars, bass or keyboards to connect. I suppose the DJ with laptop MAC must be used, not such a bad idea since the devices MAC has excellent quality that don 't cost a lifetime's savings just to get close to them. Apogee One is designed to work with Apple’s range of audio software, including iTunes, Garage Band, Logic, and Final Cut, though we don’t imagine it would have trouble working with non-Apple software as well.

    Unlike any interface in its category, ONE features an internal reference condenser microphone that has been fine-tuned by professional recording engineers to create Apogee's Tuned Aperture Microphone technology. ONE with its tuned aperture microphone and fitted with the optional custom mic mount is the ultimate portable recording solution for quickly capturing musical ideas, recording high quality demos, rehearsals, podcasts, lectures, interviews, voice-overs and more.Having no microphone at hand is no problem at all as Apogee ONE has an integrated internal reference condenser microphone, fine-tuned to represent Apogee's Tuned Aperture Microphone technology.

    Plug-in and play is made easy with ONE's instrument input. Perfect for guitar, bass, and keyboard, ONE's instrument input has extremely low noise and a transparent signal path making it the ideal solution for recording or performing live with your Mac. With this integrated microphone and an optional custom mic mount, capturing ideas is quick plus the quality of the recording will be legendary given Apogee's impressive track record.It also includes a world-class microphone preamp, an instrument input for guitar, bass, and keyboards, and a studio-quality stereo output for headphones or powered monitors.

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    Re: Apogee One - Portable Studio

    Apogee One Features:

    • Single channel input using one of the following three options:
      • Internal condenser microphone
      • Balanced XLR microphone preamp input with +10 to 63 dB of gain
      • Unbalanced 1/4” high impedance instrument input, 0 to 45 dB of gain

    • Software selectable 48V phantom power
    • Line-level, 1/8” stereo output for headphones or unbalanced powered monitors
    • A/D and D/A conversion @ 44.1/48kHz, 24-bit
    • Multi-function encoder knob for input gain control and output level control
    • 4 encoder function LED indicators
    • 3 segment LED input and output metering
    • Apogee’s Maestro software for advanced control and low latency mixing
    • Compatible with any Core Audio compliant audio application
    • Dimensions: 2.25" W x 4.75" L x 1" H

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    Re: Apogee One - Portable Studio

    Apogee One uses an instrument and microphone breakout cable, designed to minimize its footprint in your creative space and maximize ease of use and aesthetic appeal. The breakout cable provides clearly labeled high-quality connections for an instrument or microphone, as well as a natural strain relief between ONE and any connected items.You can also plugin your guitar, bass, or keyboard into a dedicated instrument input that features extremely low noise and a transparent signal path.

    System Requirements:

    • Computer: Mac, with an Intel or Power PC G5 processor

    • Memory: 1 GB minimum of installed RAM, 2 GB recommended

    • OS: 10.5.7 or greater

    • Connection and Power: USB, powered by any available USB port on the computer

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