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Thread: Not able to download images from camera

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    Not able to download images from camera

    I am trying to download or copy images from my digital camera to my Vista computer, but i am not able to do so. The dialog windows opens for about 1-2 seconds and quickly closes without downloading anything, thats it. The pictures are on the disc in the camera, than why is this problem ? How can i download the images to my computer ?

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    Re: Not able to download images from camera

    Some digital cameras come with software that helps you copy pictures from your camera to your computer.It may be the cause of Faulty driver or software on computer.Try re-installing the drivers and software for the camera. Also if this doesn't work check the manual for the specific error message being shown. If this yields no results, email or speak to technical support at the camera manufacturers, its possible this is a common problem and they might have a standard solution. Or might be because there might be some problem with your USB cable. try using some other USB cable.

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    Re: Not able to download images from camera

    You can try copying the pictures directly from the memory card with the help of card reader. Take the SmartMedia card out of the camera. Open the SmartMedia card compartment cover, usually found on the opposite side of the camera from the AC adapter, and gently remove the SmartMedia card with two fingers. Put the card into the SmartMedia Card Reader, gold side facing down. If not than reinstall the software that came with your digital camera.Connect your camera to your computer using the USB cable that came with your camera. You must have a USB port to download pictures to your computer.

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    Re: Not able to download images from camera

    In order to download pictures, you must be working on a computer that has digital camera software installed on it. The only other option is, if you have a printer that accepts memory cards and has either a built in CD recorder, or a USB port that accepts external drives.

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