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Thread: Casio Exilim EX-S5 and EX-S12

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    Casio Exilim EX-S5 and EX-S12

    Casio has been a pioneer in digital cameras for over ten years. The new models maintain Casio’s long tradition of innovation and creativity. In 1995, Casio introduced the QV-10, the world’s first consumer digital camera with an LCD monitor so users could view the images they had just taken. In 2002, the company released the EX-S1, a card-sized camera so thin that it could be carried anywhere. In 2008, Casio launched the highly anticipated EX-F1 and EX-FH20, boasting high-speed burst shooting capabilities to ensure that users would never miss a crucial moment again, not to mention the ability to record high-speed movies that capture motion too fast for the human eye to perceive.Casio’s effective use of fast digital technologies to deliver unprecedented high-speed burst shooting and high-speed image processing of these new models has exceeded all expectations of what digital cameras should be able to accomplish. These stylish cameras are the first bold step in a major transformation of the traditional definition of the photograph, offering users entirely new ways of enjoying still and moving images.

    Taking advantage of the high-speed image processing abilities of Casio’s state-of-the-art EXILIM Engine 4.0, which is built into these models, the new Dynamic Photo function allows the photographer to cut out the main subject of interest in an image that has just been captured and then combine it with another image to form the background. Users can also cut and paste several rapid-succession images to create a moving subject on a still background. This function makes it easy for users to create composite scenes from an image juxtaposition that exists only in virtual reality, or they can create a composite image that conveys a certain message. Casio technologies like these are creating whole new avenues of enjoyment that go far beyond mere picture-taking, delivering greater creative and viewing pleasure.

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    Features of Casio EX-S12 & Ex S5

    Features of Casio EX-S12 & Ex S5

    • Make-up Shot

      The EXILIM Card EX-S12 offers a Make-up Shot for making portraits particularly successful. The brilliant image processing provides a smooth appearance to the skin and blurs the shadows by the radiation of the sun or the brightness of light. You can choose from twelve levels - from moderate to strong - and the ability to control the effect on the color TFT screen during shooting. The EX-S12 has a "Make-up Shot Button" to quickly enable or disable the function.

    • Photo dynamic function

      Photo dynamic function can cut the subject of the photo you just take and use another photo in the background. It is even possible to extract and add several pictures of a series of shots to represent a moving object in front of a background still. This produces a series of original images on which only the topic changes place - without any intervention from the computer.

    • Shooting Function Multi-Motion

      Service Shooting Multi-Motion BEST SHOT allows you to capture a sequence of movements on a single plate. Shooting the ground in front of a moving background still. The pattern is pictured on a series of images and combined into a single image by the new EXILIM Engine 4.0. Thus, for example, you can capture all phases of a snowboarder jumping on a single photo.

    • Lighting

      The EX-S12 identifies the lighting conditions and lighting issues and correct: with the lighting function, photography of the faces will be optimized even if the scene is taken against the light. And the sky or buildings, which tend to over-exposure, have a more regular and vibrant color.

    • AF "Further" (advanced function continuation of the topic)

      A dog running, children playing, a car traveling: there are many examples of issues that are challenging even the professionals. With the AF "Continuing with the technology" Motion analysis in movement analysis, you can quietly focus on your subject. Press the shutter half way to "fix" the development to safeguard and when the opportunity arises, it only remains for you to "trigger".

    • Function Face Detection

      On holiday at evenings or family, people are always a popular photo. It would be a shame if their faces are blurred. The little more practical: the Face Detection identifies faces isolation or whole groups of people and automatically the best developed.

    • Auto shutter

      The photos are blurred due mostly to an unstable maintenance of the equipment or the movement of the subject when shooting. EXILIM offers a simple solution to avoid blurred photos or moved: the new Auto Shutter function automatically determines the ideal time to start. Functions associated with Anti Blur Auto Shutter, Pan Auto Shutter, Smile Detection Auto Shutter and Auto Shutter self, this new technology enables rapid development and takes a picture automatically when the stability conditions are fulfilled to get a good result.

    • Smile Detection Auto Shutter

      A smile can change everything. And, thanks to the innovative Smile Detection Auto Shutter, you will miss one. Press the shutter when the faces appear. The picture is automatically taken when the subjects begin to smile.

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    Specification of Casio EX-S12

    Specification of Casio EX-S12
    • Platform : PC and Mac
    • Sensor : CCD
    • Sensor Size : 1 / 2, 33 inch
    • Number of pixels : 12 million
    • Resolution image : 4000 x 3000
    • High Definition Compatibility : Yes, HD video
    • Shutter speed : 1 / 2 sec. 1 / 2000
    • Image Stabilizer : No
    • Lens Aperture : f: 2,8-5,3
    • Min focal length the lens in mm : 6.3
    • Max focal length of the lens in mm : 18.9
    • Focal length equivalent 24x36 : 36 to 108 mm
    • Optical Zoom : 3x
    • Digital Zoom : 4x
    • Develop mini. : 40 cm
    • Developing macro. : 10 cm
    • ISO Sensitivity : 64 to 3200
    • Storage : Eye-Fi Wireless, Secure Digital, Secure Digital HC
    • Image File Format : JPEG
    • Screen size : 2.7 inches (6.9 cm)
    • Viewfinder : LCD
    • Flash : Multi mode, reducing red eye
    • External flash sync : No
    • Video Recording : Yes
    • Video Resolution : 1280 x 720 (HD), 640 x 480, 320 x 240
    • Audio Recording : Yes
    • Interface (s) : USB 2.0 Video
    • Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm : 94 x 15 x 54
    • Net weight in g : 115

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    Specification of EX-S5 Digital camera

    Specification of EX-S5 Digital camera
    • Max resolution : 3648 x 2736
    • Low resolution : 3648 x 2432, 3648 x 2048, 3072 x 2304, 2304 x 1728, 1600 x 1200, 640 x 480
    • Image ratio w:h : 16:9, 4:3, 3:2
    • Effective pixels : 9.1 million
    • Sensor photo detectors : 10.3 million
    • Sensor size : 1/2.3 " (6.16 x 4.62 mm, 0.28 cm²)
    • Pixel density : 32 MP/cm²
    • Sensor type : CCD
    • ISO rating : Auto, 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
    • Digital zoom : Yes, 4x
    • Image stabilization : No
    • Auto Focus : Contrast Detection
    • Manual Focus : Yes
    • Aperture range : F3.1 - F5.6
    • Min shutter : 1/2 sec
    • Max shutter : 1/2000 sec
    • Built-in Flash : Yes
    • External flash : No
    • Aperture priority : No
    • Shutter priority : No
    • Continuous Drive : Yes
    • Movie Clips : Yes, 848 x 480, 640 x 480, 320 x 240
    • Remote control : No
    • Self-timer : Yes, 10 seconds, 2 seconds, Triple Self-timer
    • Timelapse recording : Unknown
    • Orientation sensor : Unknown
    • Storage types : SDHC Memory Card, SD Memory Card, Eye-Fi Wireless Card compatible
    • Uncompressed format : No
    • Viewfinder : None
    • LCD : 2.7 "
    • LCD Dots : 114,960
    • Live View : Yes
    • USB : USB 2.0 (480Mbit/sec)
    • HDMI : No
    • Wireless : Unknown
    • Environmentally sealed : Unknown
    • Battery : Rechargeable lithium ion battery (NP-80)
    • Weight (inc. batteries) : 100 g (3.5 oz)
    • Dimensions : 102 x 35 x 220 mm (4 x 1.4 x 8.7 in)

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