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Thread: Panasonic lumix dmc-fz8

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    Panasonic lumix dmc-fz8

    Panasonic LUMIX DMC FZ8 is the advanced Camera for an outstanding photography experience.The Lumix FZ8 is clearly identifiable as a Panasonic FZ series camera. Equipped with a 12x optical zoom lens that delivers a 36mm-432mm equivalent focal length. Unlike many Panasonic cameras, the FZ8's lens starts at 36mm, which about average for long zoom digital cameras.

    Panasonic lumix dmc-fz8 features

    • 7.38 megapixel sensor
    • Venus III processor
    • Raw mode (SILKYPIX Developer Studio included)
    • Higher resolution screen
    • Larger, higher resolution electronic viewfinder
    • Manually selectable ISO 800 and 1250
    • A handful of new scene modes including an ISO 3200 High Sensitivity option
    • SDHC support and 27MB built-in memory
    • Minor feature and interface tweaks

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    Re: Panasonic lumix dmc-fz8

    More controversially the new model squeezes even more pixels onto a 1/2.5-inch sensor, and uses the latest Venus III processor, which has had - to put it kindly - a mixed reception from reviewers and users alike. We are assured by Panasonic that the Venus III has been tweaked for the new Lumix generation (based, perhaps, on the less than stellar reviews and comments), and that the noise reduction system and sensor in this camera are delivering significantly better output. So let's find out if Panasonic has got it right with the DMC-FZ8 - and if it really has solved the few (admittedly important) issues we had with its predecessor, starting with a detailed look at what's changed:

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    Re: Panasonic lumix dmc-fz8

    The Panasonic FZ8 may have one less Megapixel than the Sony H9, but the crops below reveal a great deal about the actual differences between the cameras in real-life. So while the FZ8 is far from perfect, and indeed shows noise speckles at 100 ISO, it still delivers superior image quality to the Sony H9 under ideal conditions like these - and it’s comfortably cheaper too.”

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