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Thread: Download Skyfire Version 1.0 browser for mobile phones

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    Download Skyfire Version 1.0 browser for mobile phones

    Since launching in public beta last September, full-featured mobile browser Skyfire has been installed by lots of users, Skyfire, has finally released its official version 1.0. Windows Mobile 5 and 6, and Symbian S60 3rd Edition handsets. It includes support for Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Ajax, Javascript .The browser works by having Skyfire, the Mountain View company of the same name, run the web traffic through its servers and then streaming it to your phone. That's how it can provide cool things like Flash and Silverlight video and AJAX for sites like Gmail.

    Similar to Opera Mini, Skyfire is a proxy-based browser. It examines and compresses all web content before loading to users’ phones. The bad news is that not everyone that wants to try Skyfire out will be able to install it on their phone, for several reasons. The first of them will probably quickly be fixed, but it’s nevertheless ugly: the Skyfire site is dying under the load. Various parts of the site - including the main page - have been down in the past couple of hours, and the problems still haven’t been resolved.

    It's not 30 frames per second but it's a smooth enough and the audio is intact. This is a trick we're still waiting for on browsers like the iPhone's.Similar to Opera Mini, Skyfire is a proxy-based browser. It examines and compresses all web content before loading to users’ phones. Users will enjoy a PC-like surfing experience and save time and bandwidth.In version 1.0, general improvements have been made to the browsing experience, with links available when pages are fully zoomed out, increased startup speed, improved AJAX rendering, and a new network configuration mechanism which assists in connecting to Skyfire's servers

    Now you can click on links immediately after the page loads without having to zoom in. This enhancement is especially helpful for high resolution phones, and for familiar sites where you know right away where you want to click.The first Skyfire beta browsers were slow to launch and slow to navigate. You couldn't click on a link until you zoomed in. And the thing ate up your battery when you weren't using it but still had it running.

    Download Skyfire for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Once you clicked this link, you need to select your mobile type, like Windows mobile, Touchscreen or non-Touchscreen, Nokia E series and Nokia N series.

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    Re: Download Skyfire Version 1.0 browser for mobile phones

    With Skyfire, users can enjoy the same multimedia effect like what they have with PC browsing. This added advantage and more user friendly browsing approach compared to Opera Mini has successfully attracted more than one million users to install and use it since its launch.With Skyfire, When you navigate back or forward, you return to the last viewport. This eliminates the need to pan and zoom into the section you were viewing on the previous page. Skyfire remembers the viewport even when you select a page from your history. We have also added shortcut keys, (9) for forward and (7) for backward navigation.

    Navigation is easy and when you zoom in there's a cool swoosh effect as you drop into a closer view of the page. You can click on links without zooming too. Double clicking on text fits it to your page.Still, some competition to Internet Explorer and Opera Mobile is very welcome, especially if it brings Flash support, and until Opera Mobile 9.7 comes out, it’ll be a great choice - on devices that can run it.

    When you leave Skyfire in the background Skyfire disconnects to preserve battery life. When you come back to Skyfire (after minutes, hours, days), it will reload the same page to the same zoom level and focus. You can continue right where you left off. When you exit and start again, Skyfire you will always land on the start page.Skyfire has simplified page sharing and publishing on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter with just a single click away. Other improvements to this version include enhancement of page rendering and navigation speed.

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    Re: Download Skyfire Version 1.0 browser for mobile phones

    When you have Skyfire in the background, it disconnects to conserve battery life.You can customize a start page with RSS feeds and update Facebook and Twitter accounts from the same place.You can also use your mobile to check out Google Street View, thus cancelling yet another one of the other key 'show off' features that your iPhone-owning mates have over you.

    It has some interesting features, like:-
    • Improved page handling.
    • Enhanced navigation.
    • Improved zoom.
    • Thumbnail interaction.
    • Fast start
    • Reconnect to last state
    • Connection helper.
    • Enhanced search results.
    • Improved RSS feed search.
    • Easier sharing of RSS items from start page.
    • Remember last connection

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    Re: Download Skyfire Version 1.0 browser for mobile phones

    Thanks a lot for sharing this application friends. I am windows mobile user and i was in search of browser like this. Well, at the moment i am using Opera as my mobile browser. but it sounds good. i read somewhere that there is a new mechanism to detect when connections cannot be established to Skyfire servers. If this is due to a network configuration, then we provide suggestions to help out.

    i will get one for me right now. Thank you

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    Re: Download Skyfire Version 1.0 browser for mobile phones

    skyfire not available for Nokia 5800 eXpress Music

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