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Thread: When is new ipod coming in market

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    When is new ipod coming in market

    I heard rumors about that apple is launching its new Ipod soon in the market. This must be the next generation one. Anyone know about this. When it is going to come and what could be the price. I am quiet excited about the next generation apple product. Well, I got a apple nano and now i am thinking to look out for the latest product of apple. If anyone has some view on this, really appreciated.

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    Re: When is new ipod coming in market

    It is true that the Apple Co. is going to launch its next generation in the market soon. But still the time and price is not confirmed. Before that Apple Co. is first providing its new model with iTunes update. If you are thinking to buy a new one then just hold yourself for some time. I know about Apple Nano. Its features like more slimmer, round look, updates, etc are enticing people. I believe that if you just wait back then you will more clear about the rumors.

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    Re: When is new ipod coming in market

    Rumors are there that apple is going to launch its video ipod of 32 GB and 60 GB version in the coming september. It also in the news that for the 60 GB version model is may come in 40 GB and 80 GB also. It has some a big screen with 3G features and support. And of course the latest iTunes support. If you decide to go for this wait back you will soon something new.

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    Re: When is new ipod coming in market

    It is confirmed that the 3G Apple Video iPod is coming in September. It has lots of enhanced feature and also space around 60 GB. It is touchscreen with a great look. It has 3.5" screen touch color screen. There is absent of control buttons. It is also true that beetles original tracks will be available on iTunes.

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