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Thread: iBlock Dock Portable Speaker for iPod

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    iBlock Dock Portable Speaker for iPod

    iBlock Dock launched the Portable Speaker for iPod. its design is inspired by toy building blocks for extra novelty appeal. It features powerful stereo speakers with an Active Bass enhancement system to provide an excellent way to amplify any MP3 player.

    It's compatible with iPods (1st-5th generation, Classic), iPod Nano (1st-4th generation), iPod Mini, iPod Touch (1st generation) and also the iPhone, iPod Touch (2nd Generation), iPod Shuffle and other MP3 players via the 3.5mm jack output.

    The iBlock Speaker Dock is battery powered so you can take it with you wherever you go, or it can be powered by a 12V adaptor (not included).

    iBlock Dock Portable Speaker Available in Black and it's price is £46.95

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    Re: iBlock Dock Portable Speaker for iPod

    Despite their small size, Their weight in the volume stakes with a bright, clear response. A special 'Active Bass System' that boosts the bass also means that they don't sound tinny, which can be a problem with some mini-speakers

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    Re: iBlock Dock Portable Speaker for iPod

    Styled to look like toy building blocks, these fully iPod compatible stereo speakers are a great way to share music with friends, or listen without headphones. A clever feature is that the volume controls are cunningly disguised as part of the building block design on the front of the speaker

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