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Thread: Prepaid deducts from china mobile

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    Prepaid deducts from china mobile

    I am facing very unusual and weird problem these days. I have China mobile with Airtel card in it. Everyday, without using(calling or messaging), 1.5Rs are deducted from my Airtel prepaid balance unnecessarily. So I complained about this issue to the Airtel people. They told there's a problem in my phone. I am not able to get what's happening ? plz help....

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    Re: Prepaid deducts from china mobile

    I don't think it's a device problem. You may have subscribed to a service which you are not aware of, or check whether GPRS is actvated in your phone and is accessing packet data and downloading something without your information......

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    Re: Prepaid deducts from china mobile

    To make sure whether the problem exist in your phone or from the Airtel people........use some another phone with your same Airtel prepaid card for 2 - 3 days and check whether the problem repeats.......

    if the problem repeats then there is an error caused by Airtel people due to which you are facing the consequences.

    if the problem doesn't repeat then there is a mistake in your phone. Kindly check all the settings.....

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