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Thread: ZOWIE GEAR announces new size of RF series P-RF MousePad

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    ZOWIE GEAR announces new size of RF series P-RF MousePad

    After Zowie Gear released the N-RF1 and the N-RF2 ,an incredible mouse pad for laptops . There have been many inquiries about the size of the mouse pad in order to meet different users' demands.

    So, Zowie Gear has released a bigger sized one today ----The P-RF , we have enlarged the size from 250 mm x 215 mm to 340 mm x 295 mm and added thickness to 4 mm . This makes fast and long distance mouse movements more efficient and more comfortable along the surface.

    All Zowie Gear mouse pads have the same functions and quality. Our mouse pads improve mouse handling and users performance and they are easy to clean and preserve. Please check out the video.

    Features of the Zowie Gear P-RF mouse pad:

    • Specially designed surface improves the performance for all mice. Very easy to clean and preserve.
    • Specially designed base with a Zowie logo, which allows the mouse pad to stick firmly onto the desk.
    • The larger size allows your mouse to always stay on the mouse pad.
    • Dimension : 340 mm x 295 mm x 4 mm
    • There are 4 color options.
    • Bending or folding will not affect the surface of the mouse pad.
    • Designed for fast, long distance movements and extended hourly use.

    The Zowie Gear P-RF mouse pad will be released into the market at the beginning of March, 2009.

    About Zowie Gear:

    Zowie Gear employs the most experienced people who all have the same target --- Which is to provide high quality, efficient, easy to use, durable products at reasonable prices. All the products at Zowie Gear are developed for people's ideal use. All Zowie Gear products are made to perfection. Through the critical production process we meet your demands for ideal products.

    Try Zowie and find the joy in your life and work! For More information please visit : Link

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    Re: ZOWIE GEAR announces new size of RF series P-RF MousePad

    There are three sizes of this series

    ZOWIE RF series specifications:

    N-RF1 : 9.8 x 8.5 x 0.04 inches / 250 x 215 x 1 mm
    N-RF2 : 9.8 x 8.5 x 0.08 inches / 250 x 215 x 2 mm
    P-RF : 13.4 x 11.4 x 0.16 inches / 340 x 290 x 4mm.


    I tested the ZOWIE P-RF mousepad for about two weeks with the Razer Lachesis, Logitech MX1000 and Logitech V220 during everyday use and several games. During my testing I didn't encounter any problems, mice glide smoothly over the mousepad's surface and there's enough friction to make very precise movements. The tracking and accuracy provided by the ZOWIE P-RF is very good.

    I don't know if the ZOWIE P-RF will last as long as plastic mousepads, but the build quality definitely looks very good. This isn't an el cheapo cloth mousepad, but possibly one of the best cloth mousepads in the market.

    The only bad thing about the ZOWIE RF series is that the surface of the mousepad is perhaps a bit too rough for your hands, the texture feels a lot rougher than most cloth and plastic mousepads I've handled in the past.

    This is the first product series from ZOWIE and I have to admit they have made a great debut. The ZOWIE P-RF is one of the best mousepads on the market for fans of cloth mousepads, it provides good tracking for your mice, it's well made and unlike other cloth mousepads it's waterproof and very easy to clean. I don't know how much these mousepads will cost in retail stores, but if the pricing isn't stellar I highly recommend them.

    The Good Stuff
    - Provides good tracking
    - Waterproof
    - Easy to clean
    - Can be bend
    - Nice size
    - Doesn't slide on your desk

    The Bad Stuff
    - Surface feels pretty rough

    I give the ZOWIE P-RF mousepad a 9/10.

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