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Thread: Logitech Comfort Lap Pads for Notebooks

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    Logitech Comfort Lap Pads for Notebooks

    Logitech Comfort Lapdesk, Take your laptop on your knees

    Logitech studies found that 60% of people using the laptop at home, make sitting on the sofa in the living room.And because this area is concentrated in the family and want them to be at the same time surfing or sending an email.Also, 36% use their laptop in bed, while a 16% when sitting or lying on the floor.

    Since all but those users, 50% expressed concern about the heat emitted by the portable, while 41% concerned with the anatomical position to take. Some people use a pillow or a book to touch on their laptop and keep away from the radiant heat, but many times these makeshift solutions have a worse outcome, and trap the heat and pyraktonoun the laptop.

    To address this problem, the Logitech has a special enhancement for use of portable computers in the residential area, the Logitech Comfort Lapdesk. The Comfort Lapdesk offer a solid basis for supporting the laptop. So now we can comfortably use the laptop anywhere in our home, sitting comfortably on the sofa, in bed or even down to the floor.

    The Comfort Lapdesk address these issues with smart design and advanced materials. First is a construction with 4 layers acting as a shield from the heat. The bottom layer is a permeating mesh fabric (used very often in sports equipment). The layer is coupled with an internal chamber that allows air circulation, which is in the middle of the Lapdesk. This greatly reduced the temperature emitted by our laptop. Furthermore, the Lapdesk has a curved base and touching our feet in only 4 points, which allows increased air circulation at the bottom.

    For increased stability and comfort, the base of the Lapdesk is enhanced with soft materials, allowing the user to have his feet loose, rather than tightened to keep the laptop supports. Also, a glossy finish and anti at the top of the laptop holds. Finally, the slope (12 degrees) raises the laptop in a convenient location for both the body and legs (when we use the sitting Lapdesk).

    The Logitech Comfort Lapdesk for notebooks is expected to be available in the market from MID - APRIL with a suggested retail price of 40 $.

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    Re: Logitech Comfort Lap Pads for Notebooks

    I just ordered from Dell for £24 Going to take 2 weeks to arrive though

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