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Thread: How to read orkut scraps on mobile phone

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    How to read orkut scraps on mobile phone


    I am addicted to orkut. and it has become an addiction for lots of guys here in india and other countries. I want to check for any new scrap after every minute in a hope they would have received a scrap from their friends at orkut.
    Is it possible to read your orkut scrap book directly from your gprs enabled mobile phone ?. if yes, then how ?
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    Re: How to read orkut scraps on mobile phone

    Orut has just launched a new mobile site for this. Goto in your mobile phone to see your latest scraps. This site not only shows your scraps, it also lets you see upcoming birthdays and updates from your friends.

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    Re: How to read orkut scraps on mobile phone

    Here's how you can read the orkut scrap on your mobile phone

    1. Login to your orkut account and go to your profile by clicking the profile by at the left navigation panel.

    2. Copy the uid number from the address bar and append it to the url below.

    3. Go to this url:[/url] your orkut uid here.

    4. Final url will be of form[/url] orkut uid

    As it is for my orkut profile so i can read my scraps simply by entering the above url in the address bar in my mobile phone or on my pcr browser.
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