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Thread: How to hide icons on iPhone ?

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    How to hide icons on iPhone ?

    I have iPhone Touch that I had purchased last month. Well, I enjoy different features provided by it and at the same time, I have discovered that there are many applications that I don't really use like stocks n all.... I don't want to really remove this applications, want to keep them for futher in case. but can I atleast hide the icons of these applications in the main menu of my iPhone ? How can I hide these icons in the homepage ?

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    Re: How to hide icons on iPhone ?

    Follow the steps -

    • Install BossPrefs. This application can be found in the utility section of Cydia.
    • Open the BossPrefs app.
    • Tap on the Hide Icons button on the bottom of the BossPrefs screen.
    • Scroll down the list to find the icon you would like to hide. Tap the ON switch to turn it to off in order to hide an icon for the application.
    • This does not remove the app from your phone, it merely hides the icon. This is very useful for apps that you cannot remove such as the apps that come installed on the phone from the factory

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    Re: How to hide icons on iPhone ?

    To remove icons from the springboard, you can use customize.... but if its an application like stocks or weather that you know you are not going to use, there is a way to remove it.
    This works for any other application that you want to remove....
    To remove them you'll need to have a jailbroken iphone
    SSH into the phone with your favorite software, use WinSCP.
    Browse to /private/var/Applications - This is where all of the applications are saved
    Now delete the folder for stocks, weather, the itunes store =
    Restart the phone

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    Re: How to hide icons on iPhone ?

    You need to have a jailbroken iPhone with some means of accessing the filesystem so you can edit


    Navigate to "/var/root/Library/Preferences/" and open up "" in a plain text editor.

    In the text editor, look for


    Below it, add these two lines:


    Save that and restart your iPhone. When you get back to the home screen, Safari, YouTube, and The iTunes Store will be hidden. To unhide them, double tap their respective spaces.

    To enable hiding of other applications, add the following to the Info.plist file contained within the .app folder:


    To disable hiding, change the "true" variable to "false". It should end up looking like:


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