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Thread: Corsair, the new memory controller for its SSD

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    Corsair, the new memory controller for its SSD

    "A different memory controller characterized the new SSD drives can reach a high level of performance"

    Corsair quietly launched a 128GB SSD. Like that drive, this new 256GB model features Samsung technology, but with a new controller and integrated cache that should offer significantly increased performance.The drive we received is branded as a Corsair S256, but we've been told that when the drive hits store shelved the official product name will be P256--the "S" is changing to a "P". As we've already mentioned, and the product name implies, the drive features a 256GB total capacity, with SATA 3.0Gb/s connectivity, and a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure.

    As for the 128GB version, but on this occasion Corsair has supported a Samsung for the internal components: the version currently distributed only to the press, was appointed as S256, but, before reaching the market, will be amended P256. The album, to be readily understood by the picture, in a standard 2.5 "SATA with connection 3.0Gb/se Aluminum chassis.

    All of which looks as though it adds up to an incredibly fast SSD,Corsair quotes a maximum sequential write speed of 200MB/sec, compared with Intel’s quoted speed of 170MB/sec for the X25-E. However, the P256’s quoted maximum sequential read speed of 220MB/sec is a little behind the 250MB/sec speed quoted for the Intel drive.The result of the fast SSD, according to Corsair, is a PC where “games and apps load faster and Windows feels snappier and more responsive.”

    The real novelty lies below the body: Once you open it you can see, in addition to the PCB and the memory modules MLC controller, the new Samsung S3C29RBB01-YK40, complemented by a 64MB cache. From a preliminary test, found at the top link, the benefits that this unit is able to record are worthy of note, and reach a read speed of 200MB/sec and a write of 169.1 MB / sec, which allow us to be able to compete directly with the popular Intel X25. The price for this solution is $ 749 U.S.

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    Re: Corsair, the new memory controller for its SSD

    I have found where reported news that this SSD has speed data transfer at 120MB/sec and a speed of 10.000rpm. Featuring SATA interface, and has a 16MB buffer and a speed of 3Gbit/sec.

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    Re: Corsair, the new memory controller for its SSD

    The whole history of benefits ranging from the "first step" to the "second step" and / or change of the disc etc.. ? (and problems encountered by HWU well documented in the review of the X25 I think)

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    Re: Corsair, the new memory controller for its SSD

    This seems like a Corsair Samsung PB22-J remarked, meaning that if it costs more for the version Samsung, we are marching on to the big.

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