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Thread: SAHPR released S600 slim 5-inch screen

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    SAHPR released S600 slim 5-inch screen

    SAHPR its first high-definition 5.0-inch MP4, SAHPR S600 on not only in design elements into a lot of fashion, but also in some of the details on treatment is also in place to do the comparison, the thickness of only 10mm, not only to become relatively thin high-definition market, one of the high-definition products, but also demonstrates the Sharp Electronics SAHPR excellent industrial design ability and style of excellent quality.

    SAHPR S600 a new design philosophy of simplicity, the simple design, clean lines. According to introduce designers SAHPR S600, S600 back to nature are the main design ideas. At the appearance of areas, SAHPR S600-oriented use of the classic black color scheme, supplemented by low-key, add a few distinguished and elegant.

    Showing up at the interface, SAHPR S600 using a 5.0-inch 16:9 16,000,000 color LTPS LTPS screen, even though the larger 5.0-inch screen look, but its only 10mm thick slim figure, as well as a narrow border technology can make it easily into a variety of common bag, better portability.

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    Re: SAHPR released S600 slim 5-inch screen

    SAHPR S600 using the latest Howard fly CC1600 core program, CC1600 chip contains four nuclear: 32B-RISC host CPU, HDAVP Engine (high-definition video codec hardware accelerator), as well as GPU Engine (graphics image processing accelerator) . In addition to the master CPU cores belong to Universal, the other three are specifically designed for a specific data type of special nuclear. The four components of nuclear and other systems to work together through the parallel group of four high-speed bus to connect together to form the "fourth nuclear power plant four bus" configuration.

    CC1600 fly to China to benefit from the core four-core processor chip, SAHPR S600 with 720P, 10M rate bit stream, without the high-definition color decoding capabilities, support RM / RMVB, AVI, FLV video formats, such as the mainstream, from 320 × 240 to 1280 × 720 resolution can support video playback, smooth playback of up to 30 degrees / second. Through internal integrated HDTV Encoder to high-definition video decoder and combines high-definition video output, together with 16:9 widescreen and wide viewing angle technology, allows users watching more freedom when it (the screen viewing angle of 170 -175 degrees) and comfort.

    In order to give consumers more to enjoy pure sound quality, SAHPR S600 also includes the use of the iPod, SONY and so on used by Cirrus Logic audio independent solution that supports MP3, WMA, WAV and APE / FLAC audio formats. In addition, its color also supports component output, IR remote control, FM reception and the launch, Mini Digital Photo Frame, e-books, recordings and other practical features.

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