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Thread: Barcode Scanner a new Android Application

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    Barcode Scanner a new Android Application

    A new Android application makes it possible in a shop, a bar code scanning, and a home computer related torrent downloads. The NVPI is not happy with the development but takes no action.

    BarTor, recently announced, is doing its work in three steps: after scanning the bar code application presents a list of products associated with the barcode heard. The user must then choose the right product, which is called Isohunt torrent finder to find torrents. If the user has chosen a torrent, it is sent to a PC. The software will cost three dollars.

    Whether the software in the Netherlands usual EAN-13 barcode standard is not yet clear. Google Base, the database for the product links should do that in any case it does. Soon would the comparable program TorrentDroid appear that using the library ZXing in each case, both EAN and UPC codes can be read.

    The NVPI, the interest of the entertainment industry, the application is not a good development, but no action to take. "Who should you contact? I do not know if we can call it Google. We prefer to negotiate with the isp's about downloading and uploading torrents with Google on this application," said spokesman Rene Kuijs of NVPI. "Moreover, we must first ensure that your application can do illegal things."

    The media is as yet no customers from the shop because they continue with their mobile barcodes to be scanned. "We have not seen any effect of such applications," says a spokesperson for parent company Media Saturn. Since a few months Shop Savvy is also in the Android Market available. This application can scan bar codes, which made clear whether the product cheaper somewhere else to get.

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    Re: Barcode Scanner a new Android Application

    That will be a matter of adapting the software and the barcodes in the database set up, since I will assume that no ga real barcode scanner is present, but a photo of a barcode is made by means of a species to OCR a song is converted.

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    Re: Barcode Scanner a new Android Application

    Not everything legal is morally correct. Anyway is it legal to download illegal music downloads offered a strange loophole in the law. There are few countries where such legal conflicting situations. Moreover, no man a similar situation would accept if it comes to tangible goods would go. That you may or hypocritical as I think.

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    Re: Barcode Scanner a new Android Application

    This is clearly a very large part for illegal purposes.

    You read a barcode of a product that you must pay (if it is free is usually not in a store) then the product is full automatic download.

    Result: instead of the product that you put in your basket, you run home and open as you gain new free torrent from your computer.

    When software is always illegal, in music if you can not upload (ie, with torrents?)

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