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Thread: How to transfer files from Motorola V3i to iPhone 3G?

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    How to transfer files from Motorola V3i to iPhone 3G?

    Hello, everything is said in the title.

    I wanted to know how to retrieve my photos + videos + ringtones and put them in the iphone.

    I tried bluetooth.

    The phone do not recognizes my iphone to transfer files?!

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    Re: How to transfer files from Motorola V3i to iPhone 3G?


    But rather reflect on the type of flexibility that they demand.

    Here are my thoughts:
    1) Forward on computer, data from phone 1 with suitable software * (via Bluetooth or cable).
    2) Forward this information to the computer to iTunes
    3) Sync the iPhone with iTunes

    For example on a Mac with iSync (system tool), BluePhoneElite, Phone Agent, etc ..

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    Re: How to transfer files from Motorola V3i to iPhone 3G?


    To send or receive the files of Motorola V3i follow the below steps :

    • Click Menu (The [–] button).
    • To send a photo, picture, video clip or sound file, scroll down to Copy and click Select.
    • To send a Phonebook entry scroll down to Share Phonebook (Figure 2) and to send a Datebook entry or Internet bookmark, scroll down to Send.
    • Then select [Look for devices] to find the destination phone or computer.
    • Your phone will then send the file.
    • Receiving files via Bluetooth

    Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Motorola V3i (See above) then:

    • On the Menu screen click Bluetooth Link.
    • Select Hands-free and then [Look for devices]. Your Motorola will then search for the device sending the file.
    • Press Accept to receive the file. A screen will then notify you when the transfer is complete.
    • To save the file, select Save and choose where you want to save it .

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