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Thread: Portable external Harddrive problem

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    Portable external Harddrive problem

    I just purchased a Samsung external Harddrive 250GB,and plugged it into my Laptop via the USB cable,and it says it installed driver correctly.

    But wont show up in "My Computer"??

    It just has the "safely remove hardware symbol" and the little blue light on the Harddrive comes on and you can feel it running when you put your hand on it.
    I have a similar one but diff model and it works fine.

    Can anyone helP? Cheers!

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    Re: Portable external Harddrive problem


    I think this problems comes when the datacable you are using to connect the hardrive is Losesly connected or is internally damaged, Please take one short datacable and connect your hard drive using that and then check.

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    Re: Portable external Harddrive problem

    Is external drive showing up in device manager? Go into Administrative tools -- Computer Management -- Disk management, is it there? If it is, click on it and format it there. It should now work.

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    Re: Portable external Harddrive problem

    hello , Right click on MyComputer, then click on Manage. Locate the drive under Disk Management or Removable Storage. Right click on it, and (re)format it. If this still doesn't make it visible in MyComputer for you, I suspect you have a bad drive. Contact the manufacturer, or take it back and exchange it.

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