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Thread: Gaming mouse from Sharkoon Fire Glider

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    Gaming mouse from Sharkoon Fire Glider

    Sharkoon, the producer of different types of computer components, with a new mouse on the market specifically aimed at gamers. The mouse is one of the Rush series of the company.

    The mouse game with the name Fire Glider through life and why this name was chosen is reflected in the appearance of the mouse. The product offers a mix of mainly three colors: red, black and orange. The red and orange flaming people trying to overcome and this has been trying to achieve through an effect that is applied to the colors red and orange.

    The Fire Glider has seven buttons on board that can be used for different purposes. One of these buttons allows the user of the number of Dots Per Inch (DPI) exchange. The DPI of the sensor, the ADNS-6010 can be set at six different values ranging between 600 DPI and 3600 DPI. By the middle of an LED is indicated on the DPI the mouse is currently active. The other buttons are programmable. There is also memory on board the mouse where the user can store macros.

    Sharkoon know that the mouse is based on an ergonomic design and that the heavier or lighter mouse can be made by means of weights. You can then choose to the mouse weight to assume that between 118 grams and 135 grams is. The communication between the mouse and the computer is realized by using the USB standard. The cable attached to the mouse is about 1.8 meters long.

    The Fire Glider has a suggested retail price of around 25 euro on the European market.

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    Re: Sharkoon launches Fire Glider


    • Laser mouse with 7 buttons (6 of them freely programmable)
    • DPI switch with color display (6 steps)
    • Weight tuning system (max. 19.5 g)
    • On-board memory for macros
    • Smooth running and finely adjustable scroll wheel
    • Ergonomic design for convenient handling
    • Special grip areas offering maximum hold
    • Ideal for professional applications and gaming

    • Max. DPI/CPI: 3600
    • DPI/CPI stepping: 600-800-1200-1600-2000-3600
    • Max. acceleration: 20G
    • Mouse weight max.: 135g
    • Mouse weight min.: 118g
    • Laser sensor: Agilent ADNS-6010
    • Connector: USB (cable length: 1.8m)
    • Power input: 5V - 60mA

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