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Thread: External hard disk data recovery

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    External hard disk data recovery

    I have an external hard drive from someone because he does almost nothing more. but I encountered a few problems. the hard disk is running well but the 3 seconds you hear a soft tap
    Well the 2nd problem is, my PC sees the hard drive but there is no data oi can see but as I said, my PC sees the drive is there a way to use the software yet to recover? please help me .

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    Re: External hard disk data recovery

    If it is good then you can still do testing with HDtune (or a similar program). I had this time with a single disk. This started typing and suddenly he's gone. When I have it in another PC, and HDtune commented. You saw clearly bad sectors (red boxes)

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    Re: External hard disk data recovery

    Removable media data recovery software provides best alternative to regain all deleted or missing data, files and folders from logically corrupted inaccessible USB removable mass storage devices. External USB drive data salvage utility effectively restores media files, digital pictures, photos, images, video albums and various secret documents accidently deleted due to human fault, software virus, system error, hardware failure and various other incidents.

    Software supports easy recovery of all multimedia files like jpg, mpeg, tiff, bmp, gif, avi, mp3, avi etc from all branded removable media devices such as Sony, Canon, HP, Toshiba, Nikon, Kingston, Transcend etc. USB removable file recovery software restores lost, deleted and corrupted mp3 files, songs, images, digital pictures, videos from thumb drive, external hard disk drives, pen drives, USB supported mp3 players, mobile phones, memory cards etc.

    Digital media data recovery software provides attractive and friendly graphical interface to operate the software in the easiest way.

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    Re: External hard disk data recovery

    * They get knocked over, dropped, banged etc. In almost all cases, the resulting impact they suffer will cause problems.
    * They have a tendancy to overheat. This is due to inadequate ventilation on the external case. Some external hard drives don't contain any ventilation at all, a small number of devices may contain a fan inside the actual case to combat temperature build up.


    * If Knocked / Dropped etc: The drive will probably make a ticking / buzzing / musical noise when powered on. This is usually indicative of damage to the read / write heads &/or the motor.
    * If Overheating: The drive will suddenly die and not be recognised by the BIOS, or the computer will appear to start running slowly and noises from the external hard disk may be heard.

    Recovery possibilities: Entirely dependent on the nature of the problem. Heat associated problems are often easier to tackle than impact damage problems.

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