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Thread: Sigma reveals specifications of DIP2 camera

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    Sigma reveals specifications of DIP2 camera

    After Sigma earlier at Photokina in September 2008 showed a prototype of DIP2-compact camera with Foveon image sensor, the company at PMA 2009 photography exhibition detailed specifications released.

    Although DIP2 the housing of a large fallen compact, lies within one-Foveon X3 CMOS image sensor with a size of 20.7 by 13.8 mm, while Sigma for total 14.06 million pixels specify. Because the Foveon image sensor, however, three primary color layers, that number should be shared by three pixels to the effective resolution of the pictures come. This structure provides, even though the image is slightly smaller than usually at a DSLR, a large area per pixel, thereby theoretically at higher light sensitivities photos with little noise to make. According Sigma is the light sensitivity range of ISO 50 to ISO 1600 but the car iso' this feature limited to iso 100 and iso 200. Sigma has picture samples of DIP2 released, but there are no pictures between an iso-value is higher than iso 200.

    The biggest change from its predecessor, the DP1 is the lens with a focal length of 24.2 mm - a mm equivalent of 41mm - the DP1 has a 16.6-mm lens was fitted. Also, the new lens DIP2 with its largest aperture of f / 2,8 light significantly more sensitive than the f / 4 of the DP1. The lens consists of seven lens elements divided into six groups. Surprisingly, the lens a good end can slide out to the focus and the front of the lens is equipped with a bayonet connector hood.

    The new True II image processor, the processing speed of the photos, while DIP2 options to movies to be included in the relatively low resolution of 320 by 240 pixels at a frame rate of 30fps. The other specifications of DIP2 do not differ much from its predecessor. Thus, the DIP2 on a 2.5 "LCD with 230,000 sub pixels and a 9punt-auto system, and the DSLR's usual metering and exposure modes. Also, the photos in raw format are stored. DIP2 is likely to be available in April. A price is not disclosed.

    Also introduced at PMA 2009 Sigma grant an interesting wide angle zoom with a zoom range of 10-20mm and a maximum aperture of f / 3,5 on the entire range. The Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM lens will be available in versions for Sigma, Nikon, Canon, Sony and Pentax. The lens is not suitable for full frame cameras. The wide-angle zoom lens provides hsm technology focus and has a minimum focusing distance of 24cm over the entire zoom range. The front lens element does not rotate when focusing. The lens contains two eld elements, an SLD lens elements and four aspherical lenses.

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    Re: Sigma reveals specifications of DIP2 camera

    Did anyone experienced?

    The DP1 is not extremely fast but fast enough or a lot faster than the SD14 (I have both and both are very good, the SD14 is a lot slower than the competition but d \ e successor the SD15 would be much faster).

    DIP2 would be even faster with the True II image processor the DP1, the True (I) image processor.

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    Re: Sigma reveals specifications of DIP2 camera

    A camera with a large image and in theory little noise, but still with a relatively low sensitivity, a fixed lens with an uninteresting, very average focal length, a video mode with low resolution ... It seems to me all in all not attractive camera. I see something on the head?

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    Re: Sigma reveals specifications of DIP2 camera


    You can quite compare with the old analogue mm rangefinder cameras with a 50mm lens on it. They are very commonly used for street photography. Small, fast, unobtrusive. In any case much less striking than the average DSLR with zoom lens out. This camera can still be covered in a large pocket, you should not try with a reasonable lens DSLR with it.

    So yes, I think this is attractive for a camera, he will only provisionally pricey for my budget

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