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    ohmy Windows Mobile 6.5

    With an endless chain of leaks dating back several months, the suspense factor might not be there that Microsoft had been hoping for -- but for what it's worth, Windows Mobile 6.5 is now official. Windows Mobile 6.5 interface, specially the new home screen, which is brilliantly executed. Running on the new HTC Touch Diamond 2, everything looked smoother, cleaner, and matched the iPhone's lick factor.
    The latest rendition of Microsoft's mobile platform puts an emphasis on touch-friendliness with a honeycomb-style main menu that the company says is easier to finger than a traditional grid layout; a new lock screen that can be slid on different alerts to automatically call up texts, voicemails, and so on; a thoroughly-restyled cut of Internet Explorer Mobile that features a touchable zoom slider and frequently-used commands; redesigned menus that don't need a stylus to actuate; fingerable home and contacts screens, and more..

    This phone bring together the best of the Web, the PC and the phone so you can connect instantly to the experiences you care about, no matter where you are.
    Now lets get through its great function:-

    1. The new Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen keeps people up-to-date on important information by providing a dashboard-like experience to items such as new e-mails, texts, missed calls and calendar appointments. It also includes an improved touch-screen interface, making it easy to take action with a finger, and an updated version of the latest Internet Explorer Mobile browser, which in a third-party research study sponsored by Microsoft supported execution of up to 48 percent more assigned tasks than the other browsers and phones studied.

    2. While everything seems to have been touched up, simplified, and polished to no end, what really makes this version of Windows Mobile 6.5 isn't the new, revamped browser—which uses the engine deployed in 6.1 but feels a lot faster and has a good new interface—or the honeycomb start screen—which I don't find particularly impressive—or the cleaner UI designed for one-finger operation or the speed or the touch gestures.

    3. The free My Phone service will enable people to access, manage and back up their personal information on their device to a password-protected Web-based service, making it easier to upgrade phones without the worry of losing important information. With automatic syncing and backup, users can count on their contacts, appointments, text messages and other information being kept up to date and easily restored should they lose or upgrade their phone. Consumers also will be able to automatically upload photos and video from their Windows® phone directly to the My Phone service, making it simple to preserve content that, in the past, would have lived and died on the phone. The My Phone service is currently available in a limited invitation-only beta.

    4. Windows Marketplace for Mobile will operate as the central hub for searching, browsing, and purchasing mobile applications for your smartphone. It comes preloaded on all Windows Mobile 6.5 devices where you'll be able to download applications over the air or from your PC simply by entering your Windows Live ID. Developers who have already created programs for Windows Mobile will be able to offer their products through the marketplace after a security and compatibility check from Microsoft.

    5. To me, what really makes this new operating system great is the new home screen, combined with the lock screen. The lock screen doesn't look very good aesthetically—somehow, the elements don't appear tight enough—but it allows you to see what's cooking in your digital life with just one glance. Turn the screen on and you will see whatever pending alerts, mails, calls, short text messages, or any other element that requires your attention. No need to get deeper into the phone applications. From there, if you want to drill down, just slide-to-unlock the notification and you will be taken straight to the info.

    And much more..

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    Once you unlock your phone, you are taken to the home screen.In addition, This phone lets you automatically upload photos and videos straight from your phone to the service. Currently, and is only available as an invitation-only beta.

    I like this phone bcz of these great features:-

    1. With Windows Mobile 6.5, you'll get more features from Internet Explorer Mobile. Built on the Internet Explorer 6 engine, the mobile browser will support Flash and JavaScript and includes new tools for better page navigation, such as zoom in/out sliding scale and a breadcrumb feature that shows you where you are on a Web page. In addition, Microsoft added that the browser allows for more transactions (e.g., checking flights, buying movie tickets) than any other mobile browser.

    2. When you slide your finger over the list, it scrolls like it's passing through a visor. The visor transforms the text line into the information itself, so if you go through "text", it will show you the last received text message. Once you are looking at that, you will effectively have access to all your SMS messages right on that screen: Just swipe your finger like passing the pages of a book and it will change the text message. The same happens with all the other categories. There is even a custom "Favorites" category, that would allow you to navigate through whatever you want to put in there, from weather reports to Messenger's messages.

    3. The most noticeable difference you'll see in Windows Mobile 6.5 is the user interface. It was designed to be "finger friendly" and "people centric," bringing more important information up front and allowing for a better navigation experience.

    The Start menu now features a honeycomb format so you can more easily tap on icons without hitting the wrong button. You can also move and rearrange the icons to your liking. From the lock screen, you'll be able to see any missed calls, voicemails, new messages, and upcoming appointments, providing your most important information at a glance. The Home screen also uses Zune's interface. Our slide show below better illustrates these features and how they work, so be sure to check it out.

    Now, while these capabilities seem aimed for the touch screen, Microsoft said it's still committed to non-touch devices and offering its customers a choice, so Windows Mobile 6.5 will also come in Standard Edition.

    4. Then you have the start menu, which is accessible through the now-obligatory Windows flag start button, which must be present in all Windows 6.5 cellphones. Microsoft calls this the "start experience." I call it: "about time something makes sense in your damn phones." The start page shows all your available applications displayed as icons in a honeycomb. You can scroll up and down the honeycomb to start apps. No more start menu. The honeycomb is supposed to make it easier to see the icons and click on them. It works well.

    5. With Windows Mobile 6.5, you'll get more features from Internet Explorer Mobile. Built on the Internet Explorer 6 engine, the mobile browser will support Flash and JavaScript and includes new tools for better page navigation, such as zoom in/out sliding scale and a breadcrumb feature that shows you where you are on a Web page. In addition, Microsoft added that the browser allows for more transactions (e.g., checking flights, buying movie tickets) than any other mobile browser.

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    Re: Windows Mobile 6.5

    Now, here's some bad news. Microsoft doesn't plan on releasing Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrades or devices until the second half of 2009. While there were a couple of handset announcements made in conjunction with the Windows Mobile 6.5 news (LG has committed to Windows Mobile as the primary operating system for its smartphones and will release a 6.5 device later this year, and HTC will offer Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrades for its new HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Touch Diamond2 devices), you can bet that Microsoft's competition won't be sitting still during that time and will make gains in their own operating systems.

    Of course, Windows Mobile 6.5 is not perfect. I doesn't seem to support multitouch, for example. However, it's a huge leap over the previous fugly versions, which were completely unpalatable. If it fulfills its promise, this one will make Windows users think twice before getting an iPhone or an Android phone.

    From this first touch on, it looks like Microsoft is back in the game. They don't have the upper hand yet, but they are clearly waking up.The new enhancements promise to improve the usability of the OS but they seem more like baby steps rather than giant leaps forward, so it will be interesting to see where Windows Mobile 6.5 will be in the game by the time it finally comes out. We will see what happens and how deep these changes really are once it gets released.

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