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Thread: Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive

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    Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive


    Recently i purchased a 32 gb kingston pendrive from a person who was selling it at a very low cost (150 rs). so i immediately purchased it , and went home to check it was working or not. and luckily it was working fine and showed 32 available space in properties. the problem is when i copy some more data in it . it started acting strangely. file begin to missing , folder started getting corrupted and some folder with chinese name began to appear and to extent the capcity keep growing . pls help what can i do solve this, i think is it fake chinese pen drive ?

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    Re: Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive

    I think that you are correct that you have a counterfeit drive. There are many 32GB and 64GB Kingston counterfeit drives. The trick is that there is NO software data protection built into USB flash drives.

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    Re: Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive

    you can solve your 32 gb pendrive problem by partitioning it with the help of partition manager .you can download partition manager from paragon software website.hope this will help u.

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    Re: Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive

    It's very easy to allocate the 'reserved' sectors so that they show up as free space. While you can theoretically store that much data, flash storage generally has this habit of getting a few corrupted sectors every once in a while.on a normal good pen-drive, the sectors will be remapped to the reserve area and you won't notice it. On these fake ones, they've already used up those reserved sectors, so one corrupted sector will surely be noticed and you will start losing data very very frequently.

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    Re: Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive

    This FAKE pendrive is not trusted, so, don't take backup in this pendrive in CUT & PASTE Manner, always use Copy Paste manner, because, if this pen drive doesn't work on destination computer, your data will be remain safe in source computer.

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    Re: Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive

    Hello, i had the same problem i got this reply from kingston technical support. it does not work for me but you try it out and tell me .

    Thanks for your email and contacting Kingston technical support.

    Please try to use format utility from SD association to reformat your flash
    drive on your PC. For downloading format utility, please refer to the link
    below. Please note your data will be lost after reformat. Make sure you
    back up important files before format.


    If those files/folders still cannot be removed or reformatted, please
    provide the product identification numbers on the USB connector. Kindly
    refer to the picture below for an example. Meanwhile, please inform us
    which country you are currently living in. We will provide further
    solution and details about warranty claim if necessary.

    For example: DT150/32GB 04274-303.A00LF 5V FE 3815816

    Please include full mail history when you reply. We look forward to your

    Thanks & Regards,

    Tracy Chen
    Tech Support
    Kingston Technology Far East Co.
    Toll free: 0800-666-200
    DID: 03-5666488
    Fax: 03-5666977

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    Re: Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive

    They are acutually 1-2 GB pen drives on which virtual sectors are created to make it look as 32GB. It will stop working after some days and you wont even get the actual space it has. To get the actual space that the pen drive has you can visit my blog:

    Leave a comment or mail me if you have any questions.

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    Re: Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive

    I also bought kingston 32 gb pen drive at Rs 200 but when i insert it the message comes it doto use memory card plz format it. so when i try to format my pen drive it does not get format. The message comes unable to format memory card .plz help me out , my email id is

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    Re: Kingston 32GB fake chinese Pen Drive

    You can use a software called HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is just a small utility to format USB media or MP4 player. The program can also create bootable keys. This software works with all keys and readers MP4 of the market. Download it from here.

    To run this utility on Windows Vista, simply right-click on the executable, then choose Properties-> Compatibility. Then just check the box to run the program under a different system, and choose Windows XP or 2000 in the dropdown menu below. Also select "Run as administrator".

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    I had also faced the same problem with one of a pen drive, it was also fake. After lots of trouble shoot i kept it aside because nothing worked for me. Lets see HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool can for me as well. But i realized that theses fake pen drives are just the waste of money. I guess it is the time time for you to buy a new high memory storage USB drive.

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