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Thread: ASUS Eee Top ET1602

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    ASUS Eee Top ET1602

    ASUS released Eee Top ET1602, the all-in-one touch-screen computer that boasts the full functionality of a regular desktop PC. Equipped with 15.6” five-wired resistive touch panels, the new Eee Top ET1602 enables users to manage what they see onscreen by applying direct pressure with their fingertips, greatly enhancing the interactivity and simplicity of performing daily computing tasks.

    ASUS’ specially developed finger-friendly interface is reportedly good, particularly the audio/video/picture browsers which you can see in the gallery below, but step outside of that and you’re back in Windows XP. Expect to be whipping out the stylus - which hides in a slot built into the Sony-esque keyboard - regularly if you want to avoid the mouse.

    The benefits of having a foolproof, touch-responsive interface are myriad, allowing anyone in the family—regardless of computer proficiency—to experience the convenience and excitement of computing. Eee Top ET1602 comes with a comprehensive suite of touch-optimized applications spanning productivity, entertainment and communications—enabling users to do virtually anything, easily.

    Speaking on the occasion Mr. Albert Tung, Managing Director, ASUS (India), said, “With the launch of Eee Top ET 1602, ASUS has introduced its touch screen based technology in India and we are very much optimistic about making this technology popular amongst our potential customers in India. In India ASUS is planning to create a different niche in the PC market which will be catered to by launching different innovative and technologically advanced products from ASUS. Having complete faith on the innovative products that are churned out of the ASUS’ Research & Development laboratories; we aim to be amongst the leading PC vendors in India by the year 2012.”

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    Re: ASUS Eee Top ET1602

    Magic touch.

    Add a touch of fun to your home with the Eee Top, an easy-to-use one-stop desktop that puts the Internet at your fingertips—literally. It features a touch panel that allows you to do everything you can with a regular desktop by simply applying direct pressure on the screen with your fingertips!

    One touch. Infinite possibilities.

    With its touch-and-select interface and exclusive touch-optimized software, everyone in the family will find the Eee Top instantly easy to use! Scribbling memos to each other, surfing the Net, drawing custom emoticons during instant messaging—the possibilities are endless!

    Easy to set up. Even easier to use. Eeverywhere at home.

    Saying that the Eee Top needs to be set up is an exaggeration. All you have to do is plug the power cord into a socket, and it´s ready for use. Moving it about the house is virtually effortless!

    The Eee Top is also the perfect computer for beginners. It features an exclusive Easy Mode within Windows® that makes commonly-used applications easily accessible. Everyone will be running programs like experts in no time!

    Small size

    The Eee Top may have the tiny footprint of a slim LCD monitor, but it is massive in terms of features. Among its rich complement of features are Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity for speedy and reliable Internet access, and an integrated 1.3 megapixel web camera and microphone for convenient web conferencing.

    Designed for life.

    The Eee Top is clearly user-friendly. But is it also home and earth-friendly? You bet it is. Its svelte design allows it to fit into the most space-starved of settings, and its sleek, modern looks allow it to blend in nicely with contemporary interiors. It operates at a hushed 26 dB* and yet remains extremely cool, thanks to its unique cooling system, collectively known as ASUS Tranquiller Technology.

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    Re: ASUS Eee Top ET1602

    The Eee Top is a full-fledged entertainment center. Splendid Video Intelligence Technology ensures that the display remains vivid and clear regardless of environmental lighting, and SRS technology works in tandem with the Eee Top´s built-in high fidelity speakers to deliver crystal clear audio.

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