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Thread: Need a "basic" laptop for "normal" users

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    Need a "basic" laptop for "normal" users

    My Dell (already 2 years) has died and so I am here in need of something new.

    I explain the "basic" and "normal" from the title is that I am neither pro nor gamer or the photoshopper, just office and the Internet. In short for my little sister and family. Small budget, small needs, it should be quite simple but I'm just dropped on the editions of Vista.

    I found below models online:
    Toshiba L300-1BG
    Fujitsu-Pi 3525-014
    Lenovo 3000 N500

    Do you have other references in the same genre?

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    Re: Need a "basic" laptop for "normal" users

    I would say go for Lenovo or HP laptop. And for processor Intel Core2 Duo because it is best for non gamers.

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    Re: Need a "basic" laptop for "normal" users

    Thank you, but I had already made the main points to watch (1 GB of RAM, Core2 Duo, Vista Premium instead of Basic) from which I shortlisted 3 models (see initial post). Add a bag if necessary, a mouse and a numeric keypad.

    I don't want HP because my friends says that its after sales service is worst.

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    Re: Need a "basic" laptop for "normal" users

    Why don't you go for some of the models listed below:
    Acer Aspire 2920 Laptop
    Sony T7100
    Dell Inspiron 1525

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