"Acer Aspire with its One exceed sales of Asus Eee PC. Behind the two opens a great chasm from which could emerge with the new HP models "

In recent days DisplaySearch released some interesting market data on the PC sector. At the center of attention, once again, there is a new and emerging segment of NETBOOK. The first interesting point concerns the rate of growth: sales of NETBOOK increased by 160% in the third quarter of 2008.

Already this is an interesting story, the reading by DisplaySearch exceed the highest expectations. As always, though, in the folds of numbers you can find new and interesting information. Scroll through the list of the number of sold NETBOOK says that Acer has sold 2.15 million units compared with 1.7 million Asus, the company that first introduced Eee PC.

Note also that the first two of the league hold over 68% of the share.HP, MSI and Dell are far with rates ranging from 2.8% to 5% although in this case HP will be interesting exchange the next few quarters, will be available when the sales data from the new NETBOOK recently presented and much more competitive Mini Note PC 2133.

DisplaySearch has also spread the aggregate data to sales of notebook and NETBOOK. In this case the ranking is very different and see, as always, a competition between Acer and HP. But analyzing the growth in volume year on year may be interested to note. Acer registered an increase of 65% and Asus, with a share of 8.6%, increased sales volume of 189%.