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Thread: Pure Digital Debuts Flip Mino HD

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    Pure Digital Debuts Flip Mino HD

    Pure Digital’s Flip camcorders are user friendly, low-cost, portable, easy-transfer, contain minimalist settings and have no frills attached. That said, the company's camcorders were only able to capture standard-definition videos. To overcome this, Pure Digital is introducing the $230 Flip MinoHD camcorder with high-definition video capabilities.

    The camcorder has a resolution of 1280 x 720 compared with the previous Mino model’s 640 x 480 resolution. It can be personalized with colorful designs from Users can also upload their photos to decorate the camcorder and this personalization is free for new Mino owners.

    Katherine Boehret from the Wall Street Journal posted a review and said it's very impressive.

    The MinoHD weighs 3.3 ounces and can store videos on 4GB of internal memory (up to 60 minutes of HD video), which is twice memory of the previous model.

    The camcorder’s basic functions are easy to use with user-friendly buttons.

    The MinoHD comes with FlipShare software that works with both PCs and Macs. It's fully compatible with Apple’s video applications such as iMovie and iDVD. It also works well with iTunes. Videos can easily be shared with YouTube, AOL Video or MySpace with FlipShare.

    The MinoHD’s internal battery lasts for two hours of overall camcorder use or for 90 minutes of recording only. Compared to the older Flip Mino model, the battery life is only half. But the battery life is comparable with the Flip Ultra model. It can be easily recharged with any USB port on a computer or notebook.

    However, Boehret points out, there are two design flaws in this MinoHD: One is the small screen size (1.5 inch). To see the full effectiveness of the captured high-definition video, one has to connect it to a big screen. The other disadvantage is that HD video files are too large to share with others, so it must be compressed to 480x270 pixel resolutions for sharing on Pure Digital’s software. Pure Digital will fix this problem by early next year according to Boehret.

    Check out the high-quality videos from Flip MinoHD from the main site. You can compare the specifications of the different Flip Mino models here.

    In comparison, a Sony HDR-TG1 high-definition portable camcorder with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels that can store 55 minutes of high definition video images on an 8GB memory card costs more than $1,200.

    { digitaljournal }

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    Re: Pure Digital Debuts Flip Mino HD

    The Flip Mino from Pure Digital is no longer playing in Little League but wants to rough it out with the big boys as it is now able to record in high definition resolution (720p only).

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    Re: Pure Digital Debuts Flip Mino HD

    Features include MPEG-4 encoding for all your digital memories, 4GB of internal memory that can stored to approximately an hour's worth of video and USB connectivity for quick data transfer. The integrated FlipShare editing software makes life easier before you upload your videos to websites such as YouTube or MySpace, compressing these to more manageable resolutions like 480 x 270. The Flip Mino HD will be going for $230 - not too shabby.

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