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Thread: Panasonic introduced three new earphones

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    Panasonic introduced three new earphones

    Panasonic introduced three new earphones
    • RP-HNJ150
    • RP-HJE700
    • RP-HJE900

    which should be available on November 20th.

    The RP-HNJ150, a low-end model, is available in 4 colors variation, and provides a frequency response of 6Hz-23,000Hz, en sensitivity of 100dB, an impedance of 16Ω. Our earphones also feature 10.7m driver units.

    RP-HJE700, you’ll have a frequency response of 6Hz-26000Hz, en sensitivity of 106dB, an impedance of 16Ω. On these earphones, we have 12.5mm drivers.

    RP-HJE900, it’s not really new, but Panasonic added new white color for this model.

    The RP-HJ-E900 adopt zirconia, a material generally used in the manufacture of fake diamonds which should suppresses sound distortion. Sound pressure sensitivity is around 100dB/mW, and frequency response is 6Hz–28 KHz! (Impedance: 26Ω).

    All three are now available in pre-order on

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    This is brilliant, i’m a huge fan of Panasonic can i get my hands on one?

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