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Thread: MINOX introduced a new DCM digiscoping system

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    MINOX introduced a new DCM digiscoping system

    There are several reasons that you might want to be able to take pictures of something far away by connecting a digital camera to a scope of some sort. A few examples are bird watchers (boring), astronomy buffs wanting to shoot pictures of heavenly bodies (interesting), and the pervert wanting to shoot pics of that hot college girl up the street (illegal).

    No matter what your plan for use of a telescopic camera set up,With the new MINOX Digital Camera Module (DCM) fitted to a quality telescope a fast and easy-fitting solution has been provided for taking digital pictures through a spotting scope. Simply fitted to the eyepiece bayonet of a ‘scope this highly innovative product is an exciting combination of digital camera with normal camera functions, 2.0“ TFT monitor and eyepiece all in one. What is even more exciting is that nature lovers need no additional equipment – such as brackets and special adapters - to get into practical digiscoping. The engineers at MINOX can now boast that they have been successful in bringing fast and convenient digiscoping to the general market through their overall knowledge and experience that has now enabled them to bridge the separate worlds of high-performance optics and digital camera technology into a compact, lightweight and economic package.

    The very compact size of around 68 x 56 x 71 mm and weighing in at 220 grams the MINOX Digital Camera Module is so convenient to carry and travel with that it looks to be the perfect accessory for every quality spotting scope. The screen allows more than one person to not only view the subject at the same time but also see the pictures or videoclips taken or being taken. Its just like using a powerful telephoto lens with an terrific 40x magnification. Due to its compact size and lightweight the DCM 5 megapixel ‘camera’ is very nice to hold while at the same time being multi compatible. Initially it will be made with different bayonet fittings for high quality ‘scopes from Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski and Kowa as well as the MINOX MD 62 range. Being watertight and shock-proof the Digital Camera Module can comfortably be used in adverse weather conditions, although bright light is preferable for good result with digiscoping. It is also built to stand up to rough outdoor use in extreme cases if necessary.

    A convenient folding ‘flip-up’ built-in shield not only protects the TFT monitor and the operating controls during transportation and storage, but probably more important, when erected it acts as an antidazzle shield when the Digital Camera Module is in operation as it prevents interfering reflections on the viewfinder image and gives a better density of image in bright light conditions. The 2.0” inch color display monitor screen serves not only as a viewfinder for getting the subject into view but also for fine adjustment of the normal camera functions as well as for checking the images after shooting.

    For those not yet into digiscoping the advantages of the MINOX Digital Camera Module are more than obvious for use either alone, with a partner or friend, or in a small group. Hunters or those on safari can see game from a long way away and take pictures at the same time while birders are able to observe the species from a safe distance and capture images rich in detail, with a ‘camera’ resolution of up to five megapixels. To do this, a powerful lens - replacing the eyepiece - transfers the image to the sensor of the digital camera integrated in the DCM. To store the image data this exceptional ‘camera’ has an internal memory of 128 MB as well as a port for SD memory cards with a capacity of up to 4 Gigabyte.

    Power is provided by a replaceable high-capacity lithium-ion battery – guaranteeing extensive observation and photographic fun when out and about!

    The MINOX Digital Camera Module comes complete with battery, soft pouch, wireless remote control, USB cable and manual.

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    Technical Data DCM

    Image sensor:
    5.0 MP, CMOS Sensor (3.2 MP hardware resolution)

    mage resolution:
    Still: 2048 x 1536 pixels (3.2 MP)
    2060 x 1920 pixels (5.0 MP interpolated)
    Videoclip: 320 x 240 pixels

    40x with MINOX MD 62

    Internal 128 MB FLASH MEMORY
    External memory: SD Card up to 4 GB

    2.0" TFT LCD color display

    White balance:

    Shutter speed:

    Power supply:
    Rechargeable Li-Ion-battery / Power supply unit via USB

    Auto power-off:
    OFF-Mode after 60 sec. / 120 sec. / 180 sec. inactivity

    File format:
    Still: JPEG, Video: AVI

    Windows XP / MAC compatible

    Computer interface:
    USB cable

    2.67x2.8x2.2 inches / 68x71x56mm (LxWxH)

    approx: 7.76 oz / 220 g

    DEC 5.0 comes with:
    Li-Ion-Battery, power supply unit, soft pouch,
    USB cable, wireless remote control, manual

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