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Thread: Imerge MS1 6TB Media Server

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    Imerge MS1 6TB Media Server

    Imerge - the Cambridge, UK based pioneers of hard disc media servers, are delighted to announce the launch of the new MS1 media server and XiVASafe storage solutions; the ultimate entertainment system. The launch, held at the world renowned Sanger institute (the human genome code breakers) heralds a new dawn for custom installation based entertainment.

    Following in the footsteps of the world leading S3000 SoundServer and MS5000 mediaserver, Imerge combine state of the art electronics, with world beating performance to bring you the MS1 mediaserver and its accompanying enterprise grade storage solutions, XiVASafe.

    The MS1 utilises over 10 years of media server hardware and software development experience, delivering awesome audiophile and videophile performance, designed to set new benchmarks against which all others should be measured.

    New proprietary embedded XiVA technology, designed specifically for the custom market, builds upon the leading software standard, adding features to the product genre never before thought possible.

    An incredible high definition, graphically driven user interface sets new standards for end user enjoyment and ease of use, making browse and play back of your media, an art form!

    Near silent operation and high end local source features provide beautiful flexibility in installation, whether rack mounted, or for use in room.
    Features such as optimised network video performance with up to 1080p resolution, and support for the most used of audio formats will astound videophiles and audiophiles alike.

    Designed to be infinitely expandable, the MS1 becomes a true 'hub' for all media entertainment needs.

    A world beating server solution needs the very best in hard drive technology to offer up the ultimate experience, and the new XiVASafe storage solution doesn't disappoint.

    Enterprise grade RAID 6 hard drive arrays, fully customised for the CI industry by Imerge, bring critical application performance only seen in financial, medical and scientific markets.

    Available in sizes up to 6Tb (that’s up to 1700 hrs of movie storage) and with future scalability assured, the user can take real peace of mind that the XiVASafe solutions provide robustness, reliability and performance to securely store and serve up precious collections whenever and where ever they want it.

    Cameron Wade, CEO of Imerge comments on the MS1 and XiVASafe solutions...
    “I’m absolutely delighted with the MS1 and XiVASafe, not only do they have the wow factor but they also represents the new Imerge, the Imerge that listens to its customers, under stands its customer and delivers to it customers. The XiVASafe is industry leading, nothing out there even gets close. I know those who’ll have the opportunity to discover the secrets will truly amazed by what the see and experience”
    The Imerge MS1 entertainment server and XiVASafe storage solutions are the pinnacle of home entertainment. The original CI server manufacturer has raised the bar yet again.

    Experience entertainment the way it's meant to be; compelling, exciting and ultimately fulfilling. Awaken your senses to a new dawn!
    Storage solutions available in 1Tb eSATA, 3Tb and 6Tb iSCSI variants.

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    Features MS1 Key Features
    • One component, configurable as a Master or Client
    • Easy setup with self discovery
    • No integral HDD
    • Near silent operation
    • Extensive connectivity encompassing network/audio/video/scaleable storage
    • Audiophile standard audio board
    • 2 XiVASafe storage options – iSCSI & ESATA
    • Bespoke CI orientated internal electronics built to automotive standards
    • Audio over HDMI
    • Discreet slot loading drive
    • Rack mountable (rackmount kit included)

    Technical Specifications

    Media Format Support
    • Video:Unencrypted DVD Video (.VOB), DVD Video
    • (from optical drive)
    • Audio:Uncompressed (WAV), MP3, AAC, WMA (non-DRM), CD-DA(from local optical drive). Format support is upgradable via future on-line software updates

    A/V video & user interface output
    • Up to 1080p on HDMI connector
    • Component (Y Pr Pb); 4-pin mini-DIN S-Video; RCA composite
    • Audiophile-grade line-level audio output for music and 2-channel A/V audio downmix, RCA/phono L&R Wolfson Delta-Sigma 24-bit DACs

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