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Thread: Sharp launches world's largest 108-inch LCD display

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    Sharp launches world's largest 108-inch LCD display

    Sharp, one of the leading names in the consumer electronics sector and manufacturer of a wide range of business products -- from appliances, audio and video equipment to computers -- today announced at Gitex 2008 the launch of LB-1085, the world’s largest 108-inch widescreen LCD display and the first in the Middle east, for consumers to enjoy excellent home entertainment with eco-friendly features.

    The launch of LB 1085, a Full High Definition 1080p LCD display, is expected to revolutionize the regional LCD segment. The new Sharp 108” LCD display features an advanced super view LCD panel, promises excellent viewing experience because of low screen reflection compared to plasma display. It also features picture quality with a contrast ratio of 1200:1 and 400-cd/m2 brightness and offers an amazing 176-degree viewing angle.

    his 108-inch LCD display offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 coupled a variety of inputs, including 3 HDMI for your HD equipments like Blu-ray player, and DVI-I connectors for connectivity with a wide variety of equipment and devices. With a durable design, capable of withstanding 24X7 non-stop operations, the 108-inch LCD comes with a fan-less architecture that minimizes noise and intake of dust from outside air.

    Sharp Corporation has always believed in achieving innovations in LCD technology and leading the market with its latest products. The new LCD display will completely transform the LCD environment and will be the driving force behind the digital video culture of the 21st Century.”

    The 238-cm wide and 134-cm high displays roughly equals four 52-inch displays offering the highest impact. The contrast, offering 758 million colours, is automatically adjusted in accordance with the scene and the high-definition capabilities ensure the correct levels of brightness for easy viewing.

    The company, which is aggressively engaged in the manufacturing of energy-saving LCD and energy-creating solar cells as the pillars of business, also maintains a lead as an environmentally advanced company. This LCD was produced in Sharp Kameyama Plant in Japan, which is a super green factory.

    The low power-consumption design of the Sharp LCD display is aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, which is another step towards ensuring a green environment. The power-saving LCD will go a long way in benefits to consumers who enjoy spending family time.

    The company’s objectives centre on becoming a total environment friendly organization and reaching the Middle East consumers through their doorway Dubai.

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    Sharp has launched a 108" LCD display in the middle-east at Gitex 2008 (Dubai). Of course, it's a 1080p (1920x1080) display that was demonstrated at CES, if I remember correctly. As the title says, this is a "display", not a TV.

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    It's meant to be on 24/7 and Sharp is adamant that it is built for the job. It has a fan-less design that reduces the intake of dust from the outside. Realizing that such a monster screen could be seen as not being eco-friendly, Sharp has pointed out that this display is made in an uber-green facility in Kameyama (Japan) and that it is "low power" (1130W), which is relative to say the least... If someone knows what the real carbon footprint of this product, drop a comment. We're not going to label it a "green product" for sure. $150,000 at B&H.

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