Lexmark on Monday introduced new series of monochrome and color laser printers as well as color laser multifunction products (MFPs), meant for businesses of all sizes. The C540 series of color laser printers and X540 of color laser MFPs are capable of double-sided printing, low power consumption and ability to print on recycled paper, in addition to having 802.11n wireless connectivity modules built-in. At the same time, the company introduced a comprehensive line of 11 monochrome laser X650 series MFPs and nine T650 series monochrome laser printers. Meant for departmental office use, the monochrome products can perform finishing tasks such as stapling and mailbox options.
The C540n, C543dn and C544n color laser printers that make up the C540 range all include 1200x1200dpi printing resolution and a four-point laser print head. The C540n and C543n can print at up to 21ppm in black and color, with the latter capable of printing on both sides of the sheet, while the C544 can print at 25ppm. The C540n is priced at $349, the C543dn at $399 and the C544 at $449.

The X540 series includes the X543dn, which is capable of 21ppm printing in color or black, as well as scanning and photocopying capabilities. The X544 can print at 25ppm and adds faxing functionality to the list. The X543dn is priced at $699.

The X650 monochrome family is likewise rated at 1200x1200dpi print resolution, with all printers offered with a customer-installable 802.11n wireless module. The X651de and X652de print at up to 45ppm and can scan 55ppm. A color 7-inch LCD screen lets users control the devices without a need for a PC. The X652de adds faxing capabilities. The X651de is priced at $1,599.

The X654de, X656de and X656dte models replace the scanner of the X651de and X652de with a single-pass, two-sided scanner and faster print and copy speeds of 55ppm. The screen is larger, at 9 inches, and the ink cartridges have a higher capacity. The X656de includes an 80GB hard disk. Pricing starts at $2,499 for the X654de model.

The Lexmark X658 MFP models, the X658de, X658dme, X658dfe, X658dte, X658dtme and X658dtfe have two-sided printing, copying, scanning and faxing and finishing capabilities. They are rated at 55ppm when printing, copying or scanning. Paper input capacity is rated at 1,750 sheets. Pricing starts at $3,799.

The Lexmark T650 monochrome laser printer series includes the ultra-quiet T650n along with the T650dn, T650dtn, with 45ppm print speeds and a 7,000-page print cartridge. Pricing for the T650n is set at $699. The T652n, T652dn and T652dtn are faster, at 50ppm and feature two-sided printing as well as a 10,000-page print cartridge. Pricing starts at $799. Lexmark's new T654n, T654dn and T654dtn double the other T650-series printers' standard memory to 256MB while increasing the processor speed to 600MHz. The T654 models print at 55ppm and ship with 10,000-page capacity ink cartridges. Pricing starts at $1,099.

Lexmark has not announced when the printers will be available in stores, though a release is expected within weeks.

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