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Thread: BenQ 10MP DC C1060

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    BenQ 10MP DC C1060

    BenQ Upgrades C Series Camera Lineup with DC C1060

    BenQ expands its popular C series digital camera lineup with the launch of the 10-megapixel BenQ DC C1060. The camera features an elegant front to back leather handle, 3X optical zoom, Super-Shake-Free mode with high ISO supported, Smile Catch mode and video recording with optical zoom.

    By using diverse textures, lines and materials, BenQ’s DC C1060 conveys a spectrum of emotions and characteristics that bring this digital camera to life. The leather texture of the handle provides a comfortable, secure grip while simultaneously imparting a durable assurance.

    The C1060 is equipped with a 2.7” TFT LCD display, Super Shake Free system with a high sensitivity of ISO 3200 which enables users to take pictures in dim lighting without the need for artificial flash and the pictures will still look vivid and natural. The 3X optical zoom in movie mode allows to zoom in and out for a sharp and clear view during video recording 720 x 400 (16:9) or 640 x 480 at 30fps M_JPEG movie format.

    The embedded Smile Catch mode allows continuous shooting whenever a smiling face is detected within the scene until the mode is deactivated. The camera is also equipped with P/Av/Tv/M mode - P (set aperture/shutter automatically according to the environment)/Av (adjust aperture to decide the depth of field)/Tv (adjust shutter to decide exposure)/Manual (adjust both aperture/shutter automatically according to the environments) to allow taking pictures in a professional way. Furthermore the DC C1060 offers 10 creative photos frames to give the photos an individual touch.

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    Comfort at hand
    Feel the moment.Mix the traditional feel of leather with a slick and modern design and taking pictures becomes a true pleasure. From tactile sensations of the past to performing technology of our times, the DCC1060 has all the trademarks of a classic.

    10 Megapixel / 3x optical zoom
    Features Sony 10 megapixel CCD and 3x optical zoom for excellent picture quality.

    A Touch of Comfort and Pleasure
    Curved to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, the grip of the BenQ DSC C1060 is beautifully covered in leather from front to back, for a warm and comfortable touch. At the top of the grip, the beveled metal edge is positioned to give the tip of your index finger a totally contrasting tactile sensation. This classic design is here to stay!

    Smile Catch Mode
    The BenQ's Smile Catch Mode allows you to continuously capture smile after smile by shooting automatically when a smiling face is detected. Exit Smile Catch Mode by pressing the shutter button. This smart feature helps you capture every moment of happiness.

    Shake-Free Mode

    Avoid blurry pictures from shaking hands and enjoy crisp images with the Shake-Free function. Activated under any shooting mode, it is so easy to take pictures on the move!

    High Sensitivity (ISO 3200)
    Let your ideas shine. With the high sensitivity of ISO 3200 (resolution is limited to 3 MP or lower), you can capture clearer and brighter pictures in low light without flash.

    Photo frames

    Add a special background to your pictures and create your own little story. With a wide range of photo frames to choose from, bring humour and fun to photography.

    P/Av/Tv/M mode
    With a choice of modes, you can now be as professional as you wish to be. From Av (adjusts aperture to desired depth of field) to Tv (adjusts shutter to suitable exposure), Manual (adjusts both aperture & shutter), and Program (sets aperture/shutter automatically according to environment preferences), you can demonstrate your skills as a burgeoning photographer, or a seasoned picture snapper.


    1/2.3" CCD


    Picture Resolution
    3264x2736 (10M) / 3648x2048 (16:9) / 3648x2432 (3:2) / 3264 x 2448 (8M) / 2560x1920 (5M) / 2048x1536 (3M) / 640x480 (VGA)

    F=6.2 (W) ~ 18.6 (T) mm
    F/2.8 (W) ~ F/5.2 (T)

    3x / 4x

    Focus Range
    Normal: 80cm~infinity
    Macro: 15cm (W) ~ 1m

    Shutter Speed
    1/2000 ~ 1 sec (Program)
    1/5 sec (Firework scene)
    1/2000 ~ 4 sec ( Manual; Night scene

    Display Size
    2.7" TFT LCD

    Display Resolution
    230,000 pixels

    ISO Equivalent
    Auto / 50 / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 ( 3MB and VGA )

    Auto / Red-eye reduction / Forced on / Slow sync / forced off

    10 sec / 2 sec / 10+2 sec

    Movie Mode
    720x400(16:9) / 640x480 / 320x240 / 160x120 M_JPEG movie format
    ( Continuous recording with sound )

    Built-in 21.7MB / 16GB SD/SDHC card compatible

    Digital out: USB 2.0 ( compatible )
    TV out: Audio / Video output ( NTSC/PAL)

    AA battery x 2 <br>
    ( Alkaine, Lithium-ion, Oxyride or Nimh supported / Carbon-Zinc are not recommended )

    93.4 x 62.2 x 25.9 mm

    140 g (without battery & SD card)

    Product Color

    Accessories (Standard)
    USB cable / Software CD ROM / User's Manual / Hand Strap / Pouch / AV Cable / AA battery x 2

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    BenQ also equipped the DC C1060 with an ISO shift-based stabilization mode while a smile detection mode will automatically shoot continuous frames when a smiling face is detected. A timer can be set for a 2-, 10- or 12-second delay

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    Photos can be framed in one of 10 pre-loaded digital frames for a special effect.

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