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Thread: Silverstone Raven Gaming Mouse

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    Silverstone Raven Gaming Mouse

    Today, computer gaming is becoming increasingly competitive, causing gamers to look for anything that may give them a slight advantage over their rivals. Silverstone Tech is constantly responding to this market, catering high end components from power supplies, to cases, to the latest gaming mouse. The focus of this review will be Silverstone’s latest gaming mouse release, the RAVEN RVM01B.

    First appearing at CES 2008, the RAVEN looks like it should be on many gamers’ shortlists. Having the ability to fine tune and customize every mouse movement is a start, add a lightning fast mouse sensor capable of 3200dpi and we may have the complete package we have been waiting for. The RAVEN can handle up to 50G of acceleration, and allows for independent X and Y axis dpi adjustments, perfect for fine tuning to match users’ preference. In addition, the thumb wheel allows for quick task switching (in Windows XP) and flip 3D mode (in Windows Vista).

    For comfort, the mouse has been perfectly weight balanced, with 50-50 weight distribution centered on the midpoint. This gives the mouse a solid feel and adds balance for fast movements. Carbon fibre surfacing, silver buttons on the side, a glowing thumb controller button, and a screen that lists which gaming configuration or dpi setting is used add the aesthetic touch that many users search for. Silverstone includes most features you will find in a mainstream gaming mouse and adds a few things that are not very common. On paper and in photos it looks like we can’t lose; now it is time for a closer look at the RAVEN to see if can live up to expectations!

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    Features & Specifications
    Below are the specifications for the Raven SST-RVM01B Gaming Mouse

    Silverstone Raven SST-RVM01B

    • 3D-shaped carbon fiber palm rest surface
    • Independent X & Y axis adjustments in 100 dpi increments
    • Precision twin-eye laser sensor with 3200dpi accuracy
    • RVM01B can maintain perfect accuracy during fast acceleration change movements
    • Dedicated flip 3D thumb scroll for rapid switching capability
    • Up to 5 sets of programmable profiles
    • OLED with setting and dpi display
    • Clear OLED to display operation mode and DPI value
    • 50-50 weight balance for perfect feel and control
    • The RVM01B has optimal weight balance from left to right and from top to bottom
    • Dual mode switch
    • A mode switch on the bottom of the RVM01B allows quick change without using software
    • In normal mode, an animated RAVEN logo is displayed
    • In gaming mode, X & Y axis DPI value is displayed at all times
    • Multiple Key stroke commands can be recorded to one mouse button
    • Single key command can also be programmed
    • Model: RVM01B

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