According to the source the above picture is the new Macbook Pro grabbed with a camera phone. Some interesting details about the Pro were also included:
  • The 'Touchpad Dock' rumor is false
  • A new magnetic opening/closing system is in place
  • The top of the 'shell' is gloss, similar to the iPhone and the bottom is aluminum.
  • The iSight is hidden nicely in the glossy frame
  • The keyboard is similar to the MacBook Air keyboard

If this picture is real the "TouchPad Dock" rumor is killed, although the touchpad in the picture does look like it may be made with a different material than the past -- possibly glass making the current touchpad rumors half true I suppose. Also to note from the picture there does not seem to be drastically curved unlike the original "photo" of the Macbook Pro. This is in agreement with many other sources across the web that have said that the new Macbook Pro does not have curved edges.

Also included from the source is what is claimed to be a mockup of a Macbook Pro ad designed for the Apple website. Remember the source is on Apple's design team

You'll have to make your own conclusions but we think the images above are fairly reasonable and match a lot of the current MacBook Pro expectations. We hope it's true and will continue watching and waiting for more Macbook Pro information.