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Thread: Humanscale Ergonomic Switch Mouse

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    Humanscale Ergonomic Switch Mouse

    Humanscale is best known for their cool looking office chairs. You may have seen the chairs on TV and not realized it; they are used on shows like 24 and House. The company has announced a new product called the Switch Mouse that aims to reduce repetitive stress injuries.

    The Switch Mouse is an innovative mousing solution that boosts comfort and reduces the risk of injury. This groundbreaking peripheral device integrates two major innovations—a V-shaped base, which puts the wrist and forearm into a natural pronation for left or right-handed users, and size adjustability to provide a perfect fit for any computer user. Other features include a built-in palm support to prevent contact stress on the wrist, four-way scrolling dish to minimize repetitive motion, and programmable buttons for user-specified functions. All of this adds up to the most customizable and ergonomic mouse ever created.


    • Navigation Dish - Replace the scrolling wheel and associated repetitive stress with one touch four direction scrolling.
    • Extender - Patented length adjustability features fits any hand.
    • Programmable Buttons - Three Programmable Buttons enable user specified functions.
    • Stabilizer - Enables left or right handed use

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    Humanscale Ergonomic Mouse rocks like a boat on the bottom

    Using a mouse and keyboard for hours everyday can have some bad effects on the wrist and fingers. When bloggers begin their careers, they start out with beautiful model quality hands, but after awhile they look down and realize that they’re typing with withered witch hands. Okay, not really, but it takes it’s toll. Repetitive stress injuries can cause a lot of pain, which is why you want an ergonomic mouse. And Humanscale has an odd one.

    They’ve announced the adjustable ergonomic mouse called the Switch, which can be used for right or left handed users. The Switch has a 45-degree angle on the bottom to help minimize wrist stress and to help it look somewhat like on a boat. Also has a navigation dish that helps prevent injury from constant scrolling. If you’ve ever seen an injury from constant scrolling then you know it can be a gruesome scene, often followed by shouts of “Blogger Down!” and cries for help. No word on price yet.

    Here are its main specifications
    Certified for Windows Vista

    Also compatible with:
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Mac OS 9 (plug-and-play only)
    Max OS X (plug-and-play only)

    Minimum System Requirements
    Available USB port
    CPU 233MHz or faster processor or equivalent
    128MB RAM or higher
    Hard disk capacity more than 40MB

    Resolution: 800dpi
    Technology: Optical scanning technology
    Switch: Micro Switch
    Current Consumption: Max70mA
    Switch Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 cycles
    Cable Length: 150 cm (59")
    USB Connector


    Download the Instruction guide which is attached below.

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