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Thread: Nokia E72 and Nokia E75 Leaked

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    Nokia E72 and Nokia E75 Leaked

    A Nokia promotional video has apparently been leaked to YouTube revealing a pair of an unannounced, business-minded handsets: the E72 QWERTY slider and E75 QWERTY candybar.

    Yes you heard it right nokia apparently working on two new eseries phone and both of them look very promising, especially E72 which back all of the benefits of the S60 platform into side sliding form factor .

    Messaging related phone have become all the rage as the texting continues to grow as a preferred way of quick communication, sms, e-mail and messenger are very poplar way of the communication now days and nokia looks like very promising especially considering that it features full QWERTY keyboard packed into compact size body, stylish and seek side-sliding design which reveals a full QWERTY keyboard making it ideal for email text messaging

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    Nokia E72 and Nokia E75

    well it looks like S60, but it is more curve looks good to me .

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    Both of the phone have a QWERTY keyboard ?

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    Nokia E72 and Nokia E75

    The Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 are far from being "old products," since they're only available as of this summer, so the upcoming arrival of Nokia E72 and Nokia E75 can be seen as a big surprise. While only one of the two handsets already on the market is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard (the E71, of course), the new and unannounced yet Eseries smartphones will both bring this type of text-friendly keypad.

    The E72 doesn't seem too different from the already available E71, so we suppose it won't be a release that can generate a hype. The big novelty, however, is Nokia E75 – the smartphone has an alphanumeric keypad as well as a QWERTY one that slides out horizontally, being the first Nokia to come with this form factor.
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    Apart from their looks and the obvious business-centered features, there are no other details regarding the new Eseries smartphones. No release date, no prices, no info about photo cameras, internal memory or anything else. But in case you are wondering, neither of the two smartphones have a touchscreen display, so we might call them old-fashioned devices.

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    Nokia E75 spotted again

    Looks like Nokia is having the same trouble that Sony Ericsson has been having lately, the trouble of containing information related to future releases. Following the leaked promo of the E75 and E72 that we covered last week, the E75 is now spotted reluctantly posing for some hurried shots. The picture of the E75 with its battery taken out declares it to be a prototype still, so Nokia might have some more work to complete, because frankly, we don’t like the transparent casing that’s in the way of the camera, most probably some kind of mechanism for the QWERTY keyboard that it is hiding. We will bring you more information as it leaks out, but until then, read on for the rest of the pictures.


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