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Thread: Philips announced Essence 42-inch LCD TV

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    Philips announced Essence 42-inch LCD TV

    Philips unveils the latest in modern design and flat TV performance, Essence. Philips has combined cutting-edge HD technology with a an ultra-thin, stylish design to deliver a 42" TV which can be hung flush on a wall like a picture, yet provides the highest level of picture performance and sound quality.

    “We wanted to offer consumers a flat TV with a design so minimal that when the set was switched off it would appear as though it is a painting on the wall,” said Des Power, Senior Vice President Marketing Television, Philips Consumer Lifestyle. “With a depth of just 38mm the Essence is lightweight, slim line and is easy to hang on a single hook. It also is packed with technology to deliver best-in-class viewing performance.”

    Minimal design
    Slim and minimal in design, Essence hangs from a single hook to mount flush against a wall without visible gaps. By moving the picture processing electronics to a separate connectivity hub, Essence (42PES0001) has a screen that is at its thinnest only 38mm deep.

    Combine this with an ultra-thin bezel width of only 21mm and a dedicated 30W sound bar, Essence is a perfect marriage of form and function. The minimalist design flows from the ultra-thin form to the glossy black polished aluminum frame, the 2x15w sound bar and separate connectivity hub right through to the slim remote control.

    To minimize cable clutter, Philips has developed a single cable (including video, power and audio) to connect the screen to the connectivity hub allowing easy placement in a wide radius of a power socket. It also eliminates the need for multiple cables and keeps the minimalist design uncluttered.

    Minimal design
    Essence provides leading picture performance, courtesy of Philips powerful Perfect Pixel HD Engine, which processes a stunning 500 million pixels per second to set a new standard for image sharpness, contrast, colour and motion.

    Capable of 2,250 trillion colors processing in full 1080p resolution, Essence also boasts the fastest LCD screen on the market courtesy of 100Hz Clear LCD technology and a refresh rate of just 2 milliseconds, which for the first time virtually eliminates motion blur. In addition, Perfect Natural Motion ensures smooth judder-free images – even with high definition content – while Perfect Contrast uses content adaptive backlighting control to help deliver true and deep black levels.

    Essence offers three HDMI 1.3a+ EasyLink inputs for a crystal clear digital signal. It also provides a DLNA PC network link to browse PC and home network content.

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    Philips is no stranger to the LCD TV market, and here we have the Essence, also known by its model number 42PES0001. This 42" LCD TV comes with the following specifications :-

    • 38mm thickness
    • 66,000:1 contrast ratio
    • 100Hz clear LCD technology
    • 2ms refresh rate
    • Three HDMI ports
    • DLNA PC link connector

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    Philips Essence TV Unleashed

    Philips has been producing some cracking LCD TVs recently (the brilliant 42in Cineos 42PFL9703/10 for example) and it doesn't look set to stop its quest to have a TV for everyone. Take the Essence TV 42PES0001 for instance, a 42in set specifically designed for wall-hung installation.

    While most TVs can, of course, be hung from a wall, most users wouldn't ever do such a thing. According to Philips' over half of LCD buyers would like a wall-mounted installation but only 10 per cent actually follow through on that desire, citing complexity and weight as the main preventing factors. At 16Kg, the Essence definitely can't be classed as heavy and at 38mm thick, it's hardly fat either. And, to help with wall-mounting the TV, it is supplied with a 'smart' self-levelling bracket which will ensure the TV sits straight, even if the bracket itself isn't attached to the wall perfectly horizontally.

    Installation-helping tomfoolery aside, the TV also boasts some pretty decent image quality-centric specs. A dynamic contrast ratio of 60,000:1 should mean good blacks and Philips' Perfect Pixel HD Engine will doubtless take care of everything else - especially if past performance is anything to go by. A 2ms panel offering 100Hz processing should ensure smooth pictures, too, input via three HDMI ports and a variety of other inputs - although quite what those are isn't specified.

    Available this month with an MSRP of £1,999 the Essence is hardly cheap, but with Philips' at the top of the LCD game right now, it will almost certainly be a justified price. A late addendum sent to Santa may be in order

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