iPod shuffle, the world’s most wearable music player, now clips on in more vibrant blue, green, pink, and red.

Apple's simplest music player, the iPod shuffle, is an amazingly small iPod. It is just 0.55 ounces (15.6 grams) heavy, 1.07 inches (27.3 mm) high, 1.62 inches (41.2 mm) wide, and 0.41 inches (10.5 mm) thick - that includes the clip. It can put up to 500 songs in your pocket, and now sports “intensely colorful anodized aluminum,” which “complements the simple design of iPod shuffle,” Apple says.

Thanks to a built-in clip, iPod shuffle goes with anything. Clip it to your sleeve, your running shorts, or your jacket. No matter where you wear it, iPod shuffle speaks volumes about your style.

iPod shuffle pays respect to its bigger siblings with a circular control pad that puts the “go” in ergonomic. Click the center button to play and pause. Click the outer buttons to move back, skip forward, and adjust the volume. iPod shuffle is so easy to use, you can control it with one hand even without looking.

Battery indicator.

Green means go, amber means you’re low, and red means you’ve almost hit zero. But with up to 12 hours of battery life, iPod shuffle may keep rocking even longer than you do.